Monitor Internet Activity: Staying Safe Online

Monitor Internet Activity
How do you monitor internet activity? | Free Digital Photo By Ambro

The internet has become a way of life for most of us these days.

I have written about some of this stuff in the past, but I feel that some of it bares repeating, as well as providing you with some extra information. Many years ago when I was in school, not college mind you, but other schools, we didn’t have the internet. If we did, we didn’t have it so readily at our fingertips.

In school I was bogged down with books, books, and more books. It seems the only thing I carried with me was my books and my notebooks and pens. You know, tools to write stuff down in. These days so much has changed. I feel as if I carry my laptop with me everywhere. I still have the books, books, and more books, but they have all been replaced by my laptop.

My computer has become my security blanket.

Everything is pretty much at our fingertips

This is so true. I can just open up my laptop during the day and everything happens at the touch of a key. It’s very exciting. And yet, very scary all at the same time.  We live our lives on the internet, be it for work or for school, or both. But how many of us take the time to notice how dangerous this can be?

Why should you monitor internet activity?

Some things and people are more dangerous than others

About a year ago, I was the victim of fraudulent behavior. Someone was trying to access my account(s). After that, I took the necessary precautions and so far I am protected. How many of us take notice of this? How many of us wait until we become the victim to stand up and do anything about it? We should be protecting ourselves day in and day out. Especially those who are in college and getting ready to enter into the real world.

Young adults are not immune, in fact many of them are more susceptible than others.

I have got news for you guys. The real world isn’t going to wait for you. It isn’t going to wait until you are good and ready to do something about dangerous activity. It will happen to you, whether you are prepared or not. You need to be forewarned. Now if some of you have already taken the necessary precautions, I say great. That’s wonderful. But for those who are waiting for a shove in the right direction, it’s not going to happen.

In the real world, no one holds your hand. Either you learn or you don’t learn. It’s as simple as that!

When you are online anyone can access your banking, your profile information and even your email accounts. If you are a frequent user of Facebook than watch out. People can get into your profiles with the touch of a button and pretend to be you.

With online dating, the people you talk to can pretend to be just about anyone. They will be what you want them to be, not who they really are.

They can lure you into a false sense of security and lure you out from hiding. Once that is done, if the person is dangerous, a number of things can happen to you.

Now do I want you to be scared of the internet? No, of course not.

You just can’t be naïve about the people that use it. So many of us trust the wrong people, instead of the right ones. Just because you are computer savvy doesn’t mean that others can’t pull the wool over your eyes.  Some people will friend anyone on Facebook, especially those they do not know, just to have a friend.  Or just to say they have over 400 hundred friends. I guess for some it’s a competition or a way to feel validated. But will it be worth it when you run across someone who will actually do you harm, without a second thought?

When it comes to protecting yourself online, what will it take for some to wake-up?

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