The holidays provide plenty to look forward to: time off from school, being with family, great food, relaxation and so on.

Even though it’s a fun time of the year, it can also put pressure on students. Why? Because holiday gifts cost money and well, college students usually don’t have the extra mula laying around. Not to mention students usually do not have much time on their hands to buy gifts during finals week.

Of course, most families understand a college student just might not be able to afford gifts, but at the same time, it’s nice to be able to give something to someone you love.

Remember, gifts do not have to be expensive. You can give great gifts without draining your wallet.


Calculate a budget

holiday gifts

Make a holiday gift to save money and to give
something special to someone you love

It’s far too easy to walk into a store without a plan, find something you like, and to buy it right away without thinking. Refrain from buying the first thing you see, especially if it has a heavy price tag on it. Planning ahead can make all the difference. Write down what you can spend on each person and any gift ideas. Then, stick to the budget. Walk into the store with your list and follow it.

Keep it simple

Kids don’t care about price tags. If you’re buying for kids, they probably do not care if they get a $50 toy or a $5 toy. They will most likely play with it either way. Buy something small and simple such as silly putty, a coloring book or a puzzle.

Buy one for two

Find something both your parents or another couple could enjoy. You can make it a little more expensive than if you were just buying for one, but you do not have to go overboard. It will help you save some money while getting a more quality gift.

Watch for sales

This one seems obvious, but if you wait until the last minute to buy gifts, you may miss out on savings. Planning ahead and having gift ideas will allow you to keep a look out for sales. Also, refrain from just walking into any store and buying what you want. Compare prices online and in stores. Doing research on prices and sales can be challenging if you do not enjoy shopping, but it will most likely be worth your time.

Make something

Get crafty and make gifts for the ones you love. It will most likely mean more to the person if you made it because it’s always the thought that counts. Also remember, people like food! There are plenty of holiday recipes you could hand out as gifts. For example, you could make jam and pour it in jars to give to family and friends.

You do not have to go broke during the holiday season. Get creative and come up with ways you can save while still giving memorable gifts to your family members. While shopping, always keep in mind that it’s not about the price tag.


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