Is Your Favorite TV Show the Clue to Your Career? Infographic

Must-see TV. Saturday morning cartoons. Nickelodeon. TGIF.

The nostalgia is real when someone mentions these phrases — millennials, in many ways, are the TV generation, as we remember our favorite shows as fondly as we remember Mom’s PB&J sandwiches.

These days, we consume it very differently (hello, Netflix) but we’re just as fiercely loyal as we always were. And what do our favorite shows say about us as people? Do they offer a glimpse into our passions, the things we’re interested in, perhaps even the possible career paths we’ll someday take?

The infographic below highlights some of the best shows on TV right now — The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Scandal and more — the courses that align with them, and what these things might say about what you want to be when you grow up. Are you as calculating as Frank Underwood? Are you born to run an empire like Walter White?

Check it out:

Is Your Favorite TV Show The Clue To Your Career?
Is Your Favorite TV Show The Clue To Your Career?
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