Sponsored Post Courtesy of FindTheBest.com. Please note that we do not endorse underage drinking or binge drinking, see our other articles on staying safe while drinking.

Alcohol is never in short supply around college campuses. But as many of you will attest, the quality and variety of beverage options available at parties and tailgates is often sorely lacking.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with handles of cheap vodka and 30 racks of Natty Light, it is definitely nice to mix things up every once in a while.

But with so many different choices out there today, it can be a little tricky to find drink options that are easy on both your taste buds and your wallet.  Enter FindTheBest, an online comparison engine that provides useful tools for comparing variety of alcohols and cocktails.  Additionally, FindTheBest provides ratings based on expert opinions so you have some idea of what true connoisseurs think of the

This post will outline a couple ways that you can use these online tools to help you branch out and become a bit more savvy with your college drinking choices. Here are a couple of things to consider when trying to find your new drink of choice:

Compare Whiskey:  With apologies to my old friends Jack and Jim, there are other, better (gasp) whiskey options available to people who are not afraid to branch out a little.  Not all whiskeys are made equal, as they can vary significantly depending on their type, age, and the region in which they were distilled.  For example, American bourbons must be made from at least 51% corn and are aged in charred oak barrels, giving them a distinct, smoky flavor.  The top rated whiskey in the FindTheBest comparison is the Parker’s Heritage Bourbon.

Compare Beer: Beer options extend far beyond what you can find at your local convenience store.  From Belgium to Japan, pretty much every region on the globe offers its own distinct brewing tradition.  The most important thing to think about when comparing beers is style, as it largely determines the flavor, color, and strength (concentration of alcohol) for a given beer.  For example American ales tend to be lighter beers that contain a generous amount of hops. In contrast, stouts are very dark and do not have a strong flavor of hops.

Compare Tequila:  Nothing gets a party started quite like tequila.  But there is much more to this liquor than most tequila drinkers understand.  There are four primary categories of tequila: blanco, joven, repasado, and añejo.  Each of these types varies depending on how long they were aged and the kind of barrel/cask that was used to age them.   As a general rule of thumb, the longer a tequila is aged the higher its quality and price will be.

Once you have compared the various options and settled on one that you would like to try, there are a couple ways that you can save money using these tools.  The first is to compare alcohol ratings vs. price using the appropriate chart.  This can help you find a highly regarded option that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.  The second money saving tip is to look for online retailers that offer discounted prices on alcohol.

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