8 Things You’re Probably Taking For Granted in College

I’m a recent graduate, so it hasn’t been super long since I experienced those wonderful days of college.

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John Belushi in the shirt he made famous in the movie “Animal House” (picture from belushi.com)

As a lowly post-grad, I’ve found myself discussing with my fellow graduated friends about what we miss the most about college on a number of occasions.

These next few items seem to be key favorites from our college days, so make sure you’re not taking them for granted!

1. Your schedule

Want to take a week off to go to Bonnaroo? No problem, just skip class. Need a weekend at the beach? Blow off those Friday classes and you can be there before you can even say margarita. Only in college is it seemingly acceptable to blow off plans. Enjoy it while it lasts.

2. Greek Life

There are so many things I miss about being a collegian involved in Greek Life. One of the things I miss the most was being able to eat at the sorority house for lunch and dinner every day. Not only was the food great, but it was nice knowing that I could go there to see some smiling faces to brighten up my day.

3. Lazy days on the quad

Oh, those days when I took my homework to the quad and (attempted) to study. Although I could never manage to get anything substantial done, it sure was fun to hang out with friends on the middle of a Wednesday in the sun. Good luck being able to do that in the real world!

4. The “worries”

While I was concerned about my grades/finding internships in college, it’s amazing what I was worried about then compared to what I have to deal with now. Instead of “Who will I take to my sorority formal?” it’s all “How will I make it to pay day?” Count your blessings, college friends.

5. Motivation

In college, everything seems to be at your fingertips. You’ve got this momentum propelling you forward — with the end goal being a diploma. Just that can motivate you to get any mundane five-page paper written. Once you graduate and find a job, finding a purpose/goal is a little more difficult.

6. Hangovers = OK

Only in college is it considered a valid excuse not to do something because you were “too hungover” to do it. After you graduate, you’ll be lucky if you even are able to drink enough to get to hangover status!

7. You can make mistakes

This only applies to mistakes that aren’t particularly life-altering, but now is the time for you to learn and explore and ask questions. And, yes, you will be bound to make a mistake or two along the way. Get it out of your system quickly because bosses in the real world won’t be as understanding!

8. Making friends

It’s amazing how much easier it is to make friends in college than in the real world. You can find new friends seemingly everywhere — classes, parties, extracurriculars. Once you graduate, it’s not so easy, especially if you get a job in a new city where you don’t know anyone!

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  1. “no problem, skip classes.” Uh yeah, not if you want to get into a competitive dental program or missing a day means missing practically a weeks worth of material. Half of this shit you can do outside of college. And I rather have to worry about a “payday” than worry about a load of things that will GREATLY impact my future that’s being decided now in college. “Sorority formal”??? Yes, every person is in some money grubbing sorority or fraternity, obviously. I don’t know what kind of nonchalant college world you were in but this is shit.

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