Five Common Mistakes Made by College Freshman

Oh freshman! Their many pitfalls and silly mistakes made throughout their first year often prove to be the root of many moments of laughter for upperclassmen (myself included). One of my favorite quotes this year was during the first two weeks of school when a freshman boy lost his school ID and thought he would be unable to eat in the dining hall without it. Regardless of the silliness of it, we all made some bad life choices as freshman: here’s just a short sampling.

1. Drinking in the rooms and having small parties in the dorms.

Nothing good ever happens from this. Ever.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve heard about freshman that think it’s cool to have pre-game parties in their dorm rooms, only to find that they get nothing but a hangover and a documentation. Drinking in college is nearly inevitable, so if you’re going to drink, do it off campus.

2. Thinking that being popular lies in having everyone talk about you.

It might seem cool that everyone knows your name, and maybe it is a good thing, just make sure that it’s for the right reasons. No one wants to be remembered for being “the kid that poured his drink on that girl” or “the girl that tries to hook up with everyone.” Leave the shallow superlatives behind in high school and try to be remembered  by your classmates for something positive.

3. Being so unorganized that they forget to do their homework and go to class.

Most state university’s don’t take attendance in their classes, but for those of us (myself included) that go to private colleges, attendance is crucial. I know getting up for that 8am or 9am class is a struggle, but don’t miss out on easy participation points simply because you didn’t feel like going to class. Going out, hanging with friends, napping, and catching up on your favorite television shows definitely has it’s time and place, but don’t forget the reason why you’re at school. Buying a planner, setting a schedule, and holding yourself to it are the three greatest things you can do for yourself as a freshman. And even if you’re not a freshman, it’s never to late to start implementing these tools for success.

4. Going out every weekend.

Some people can balance the juggling act of classes, homework, a social life, and other activities. Those that can’t take a fast moving ride down a path of academic failure. Give yourself a limit – for example, only go out twice a month and save the other two weekends for doing homework and getting caught up on other important things. Trust me, when you think you’re missing out, you’re not.

5. Wearing lanyards around their necks. Nuff’ said.

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2 thoughts on “Five Common Mistakes Made by College Freshman

  1. 1. A lot of college upperclassmen prefer to have parties in their dormitories. This is because a lot of college upperclassmen do not want to have to drive to get drunk and because many universities do not allow off-campus living.

    2. It is better to be remembered for something than forgotten for nothing.

    3. Some people are at school to have fun, find themselves, and get a little education in the process.

    4. Going out every weekend is awesome. Many people are so busy during the week that the weekend is a great time to socialize and enjoy the company of totally new people.

    5. Agreed.

  2. This post needs some serious editing. Learn to use apostrophes correctly and the difference between its and it’s.

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