The Top 5 College Date Movies: Comedy, Romance & Everything in Between

Since we all know dating is dead in college, let’s go to the next best (and most common) thing: watching a movie together.

You’ve hooked up drunk, possibly sober, and on some level, you both have established that you like each other. But now that you are spending some one-on-one time with this person, you need to start making the right moves (not those kind of moves); the moves to show your level of interest in MORE than just hooking up.

If you are a guy, you don’t want to offend or upset your lady with crass humor or nudity; if you are a girl, you don’t want to bore your guy to death or gross him out with some nauseating chick-flick; so what is the happy medium?

How can you please both yourself and your crush when it comes to the first movie you watch together?

I’ve compiled a few movies that in my book, are safe for everyone involved. They’re interesting enough that neither of you will fall asleep, but classy enough so neither of you will be grossed out.

Hitch movie poster

1. HitchIf you Want to Have a Good Time

This is a great date movie. It’s a bit on the longer side, but let’s be serious: Will Smith and Kevin James? As far as I am concerned, for a date movie, it doesn’t get much better than this.

As with any story where love is the main subject, it is a BIT more of a chick-flick than Die Hard 3, but honestly, if you can’t enjoy this movie (guy or girl) you have a problem.

With such a great (and for the most part, good-looking) cast (Will Smith, Kevin James, Eva Longoria, Amber Valletta), you will be sure to catch a laugh in every scene.

The story moves fast enough so it will keep your attention, but there is definitely some romantic comedy going on.

Everyone keeps their clothes on (and with Kevin James in the movie, we can all be thankful for that), and there isn’t an awkward scene in the entire movie for you or your date to be worried about.

You will both laugh, you probably won’t cry, but overall, you’ll have a great time watching this movie together.

2. Rear WindowAn Oldie, But a Goodie

If you or your crush are into old, scary movies (or even if you think you aren’t), check out Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Rear Window, starring the beautiful Grace Kelly and James Stewart.

The movie follows the newly handicapped Jeff and his girlfriend, Lisa, and their spying escapades on the suspected murderer living across the way.

If you are a guy, you can’t go wrong with this movie: she will be impressed on the unique choice of movie and it’s not too scary that she will be covering her eyes.

If you are a girl, your guy will love the old-fashioned classic suspense and will think you are pretty cool for not only choosing a scary movie, but a classic.

You two can cuddle close under the covers during the scary parts and maybe sneak in a makeout sesh during the dissolve transition.

50 First Dates

3. 50 First DatesFun, cute and definitely funny

You are a freak if you don’t like this movie! Okay, I am a LITTLE biased seeing as Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are my two favorite actors, but still, this is a GREAT date movie and if you don’t agree, well, we simply can’t be friends.

This movie is perfect for a date because it is really funny, but without being inappropriate, crass or offensive.

The movie follows the brain-damaged Lucy and her eternal dating-buddy Henry, the zoo-keeper who just can’t get enough of Lucy and her forgetful ways.

If you are a guy, your girl will think the movie choice is super cute and romantic; she will love the animals in the film and the silly jokes.

If you are a girl, your guy will love the humor and the always entertaining antics of Rob Schneider.

4. Just FriendsHILARIOUS and fun

In my book, this is the perfect date movie because it’s not really a chick-flick, but it’s not a total guy movie either… it’s literally right in the middle.

With Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Chris Klein and Anna Faris as the main cast, you know this movie is going to be good. Jam-packed with humor that won’t offend/gross anyone out, this movie is sure to please any type of date.

The film follows Chris Brander on his journey from fat to fit and what happens when you head back to your hometown after leaving behind an old crush who now thinks you’re pretty sexy.

If you are a guy, your girl will love the cute backstory of Chris and Jamie and will gush over the ending.

If you are a girl, your guy will appreciate the humor and story-line; not to mention two blonde hotties!

5. The Wedding SingerPerfect story, perfect humor, perfect all around.

Again: yes, I am biased–I love Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together, but this movie is THE ultimate date movie.

In terms of humor, this movie is on point. The jokes are great, the acting is fabulous and its the perfect fake 80s movie I have ever seen. Plus, the chemistry between Adam and Drew in this movie is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

The movie follows the budding romance between the engaged Julia Sullivan and the freshly dumped wedding singer, Robbie Heart.

If you are a guy, your girl will LOVE your choice of film and think you are a total sweetheart for choosing such a cute, light-hearted, romantic comedy.

If you are a girl, your guy will LOVE the humor from Adam Sandler, Alan Colvert, Steve Buscemi, and so many more! Plus, there is a cameo from Billy Idol!

The Wedding Singer

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