A friend cheating on his/her significant other is always a tricky situation—even trickier if you’re acquaintances (or worse, good friends) with your friend’s significant other.

On the one hand you’re obligated to not betray your friend’s confidence, but at the same time, as a person, you hold a moral obligation to the person being cheated on.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your significant other was cheating on you?

It’s a tricky situation and there really is no right answer since each relationship is different and in this case, there is a huge disparity between right and wrong.

Cheater Getting Caught


First and foremost, make sure you’re 100% honest with your friend (the cheater). Don’t enable their cheating and make sure they know how you feel. While you can’t tell them what to do and force them to do the right thing, you can do them the favor of being honest and being their voice of reason.


If this is the first time your friend has cheated and displays signs of regret, then your best bet as a friend is to keep quiet. Be supportive and let your friend decide what’s best.

You don’t want to ruin someone’s relationship over a one-time mistake; if it happens again, however, read on.


If your friend is chronically cheating, then you need to stress that he/she needs to break it off with the significant other.

Express to your friend that you have a hard time respecting a friend who cheats because it’s dishonest and encourage him/her to either come clean or end things.

Also touch on the fact that it’s difficult for you to hang out with, talk to or have fun with their significant other KNOWING what is going on. Perhaps if you bring to light the fact that you are all friends and it’s weighing on you, your friend may reconsider his/her chronic trysts.


If it’s not the first time your friend has cheated and they’re engaged, then you’re obligated to force your friend to come clean.

Marriage is a life long commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly or based on a lie. If it’s the first time, then help your friend decide what’s best.

Just remember how you would feel if you were about to walk down the aisle with someone who was dishonest and cheating on you. Explain this fact to your friend and hopefully knock some sense into him/her.

Lastly, if you feel really compelled to warn the partner being cheated on without destroying your friendship then consider sending an anonymous e-mail. It’s sneaky and devious, but you’re not dealing with a saint either!

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