As we all immerse ourselves in this new semester, we are reminded of the constant stream of homework finding its way into our lives.

While we all have the choice to skip out on the work we have due, staying focused during the week can be difficult–especially when we know an exciting weekend or event is coming up.

But even though as college students we love to party, we also must remember that we are in school for a reason and that studying, completing assignments and writing papers is all part of our job description.

Of course, letting loose on the weekends is ALSO part of the job description of a student, but there is a fine line between a good time and forgetting why you are attending college in the first place.

Cheers with beer

Do you view studying as a nuisance?

Even though school was designed to teach us, many students have adopted the idea that studying is some kind of nuisance – an unpleasant thing we have to go through in order to go out and have a good time.

However, this is not the case. We students pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to get an education, not to go out.

In order for our education to have any real meaning, keeping up with our schoolwork should take precedence over drinking, fun events on the weekend, or going out with a significant other.

School is meant to prepare you for the future

Afterall, we are not going to be college students forever. One day we are all going to graduate and realize that the patterns we created for ourselves in college can either negatively or positively affect our adult lives.

Going into college, we all have dreams and goals of becoming successful adults in whatever capacity that encompasses.

One of the most important things we can do now to ensure we don’t see studying as a chore, but stay focused on the adult versions of ourselves.

Do our current life decisions affect our probability of success as adults? How are our choices affecting what could be?

I am not underestimating the importance of having a great social life, but our education should not be sacrificed on the altar of a night out. If you see that your grades are suffering, going out is a lot less important than staying in to study.

Your professors, your parents, and your future self will thank you if you take the time to study, get good grades and graduate on time and with a job.

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