The holidays are around the corner and one of my favorite stories to read around this time is “The Gift of the Magi.” For those not familiar with this story, it is about a young married couple, that are very much in love, but face difficultly of barely being able to afford the single room apartment they live in. With Christmas approaching, each struggle to provide the other with a secret gift, with the little money they have. Long story short, the girl cuts of her long beautiful hair to gain enough money to buy her husband a chain for his favorite pocket watch while the husband sells his pocket watch to buy his wife a set of combs for her long hair. So Christmas day, they are both surprised to find how they each sold what was most valuable to them in order to give the best possible gift to the other. Heart-warming isn’t it?

The reason why I bring this story up is that one of the hardest situations you will face in a relationship is the feeling of not being able to give all that you can to the one you care about most.

What if you are in a position where you did not have the money to buy your partner the one gift they wanted the most? Or you could not afford to take your sweetheart on a fancy dinner date? Or that you do not own a car so you are not able to take your partner out whenever they wanted?

The sweetest thing any man has ever told me was that “I have nothing else to offer but myself.”

Upon hearing this, I wanted to write this article for him, to remind him that he is the greatest gift any women would be lucky to receive.

So as a reminder to all, the greatest give we can ever receive and we often take for granted, is the heart of another person.

We should remember that when we render all the material things we receive as useless, or when money runs tight, the heart that you received from the one you care about most, is still beating for you.

So ladies, even though your man does not have is own ride to take you around town in, or men, even though your lady cannot possible go out everywhere you want because her parents have reinforced a curfew, remember to value the little things that you do for each other, the sacrifices you each make, just to see the one you care most about smile.

When you begin to feel that you have nothing else to offer to the one you care about most, you should already know that you offered the most valuable gift imaginable: yourself.

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