Whether the semester is just starting or finals week is around the corner, the significant amount of stress that college life puts on students seems to be never-ending.

Stressed Out


Learning to navigate through adulthood can take a toll on young lives, especially without any previous guidance.

However, the major stress factors such as finances, academics, time management, and relationships can be dealt with properly so you can avoid being stressed out.

You’re entire college experience doesn’t have to be stressful. If you find yourself toe-to-toe with stress, here are some easy stress relievers to help you maintain your sanity:

Catch Some Zz’s

Most college students run on very little sleep. Whether they are staying up late to study and waking up early for an exam or staying out late to party and getting up for an early class, students have trouble getting the recommended amount of sleep. A lot of times, students are stressed and cranky because of sleep deprivation.

Instead of partying on the weekends, try going to bed earlier so that you can start off the next week alert and refreshed. If you have an exam, set aside a strict number of study hours and then allow yourself plenty of time for rest and recuperation.

Vibe to Some Tunes

I’m sure you’ve seen a great deal of students walking around with their iPods in hand and earbuds stuck in their head. However, in between classes shouldn’t be the only time you put your iPod to use.

Something that really works for me is playing mellow music while I’m studying or when I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep.

Music that consists of soothing instrumentals such as the piano or the harp help relax the mind and puts the body at ease.

Eating the Right Types of Foods

Buying that big packet of Ramen Noodles may be inexpensive and easy-to-cook, but too much of one thing is never good for the body.

Every now and then, try to actually cook something that’s healthy; food that is full of vitamins, minerals and protein can help to give your body the energy it needs.

Don’t have access to a kitchen? Not a problem. Talk to the cafeteria staff at your school and find out what type of healthy meals they offer. You’d be surprised at the line of healthy foods they actually serve.

Relieve Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Meditation is a great stress reliever. It allows you to become in tune with your mind, body and spirit.

Classes such as Yoga may run your pockets thin. Instead, try your school’s gym and see if hey offer any meditation classes for students at a discounted price or even free.

Also, you can buy videos to teach you to meditate. All you need is yourself, a quiet place and some time.

Stay Fit

Most, if not all, universities have a gym. Go workout to release some stress. Not a fan of the gym? Try speed-walking or running around campus. Again, staying healthy is a great way to relieve stress by providing your body with energy.

However, sometimes college students obsess over their physical appearance. If you find those extra pounds are giving you extra stress, try a regular workout schedule to improve your body image and relieve some of that stress.

Manage Your Life

This is a big one. Many universities provide their students with planners or calendars. They give you these things for reason: to use them! Don’t just throw your calendar or planner in the corner to collect dust; pick it up and actually start using it.

Become organized and become aware of time. This will take a tremendous amount of stress out of your life if you know when everything is due.

If you can grab your life by the horns and control it, college, as well as the rest of your life, will become more enjoyable!

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