Myths about College Sports [Infographic]

Athletic programs rake in big bucks for colleges and make the lives of student athletes easier, right? Think again. According to this graphic by the guys over at Online Masters Degree, a lot of those popular beliefs are purely just myths.

Check out the rest of the graphic below to see the 8 most common myths about college sports. Do any of them surprise you?

College Sports Myths
Created by: Online Masters Degree

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2 thoughts on “Myths about College Sports [Infographic]

  1. I often see the football players and the basketball players taking academically “easy” courses just to get the A and keep their grade point averages up. We all do it to an extent. Buy hey, I saw one dude in my anatomy class who played varisty football graduate, go to the nfl, and then become a doctor, so there are anomalies, right?

    1. Not everything can be generalized. There will always be those who take advantage and those who crush the stereotypes. Not all football players take easy courses, I was personally a Varsity Football Player for a State Championship team, while taking college courses. Many of my teammates went on the make great accomplishments academically and in their careers.

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