Despite the cosmetics industry being worth billions of dollars, my male friends always tell me how they prefer girls who wear little to no makeup. I always assumed–and I think this belief is widely accepted–that women apply makeup for other women or for the sake of “fashion.”

Then I stumbled upon this study from 2008 by Nicolas Geugen in France which shatters all those notions.

The study had two women sit in a bar in France in two rounds of experimentation–the first round had them made up with cosmetics and the second they only had moisturizer on. The women were instructed to politely rebuff any men who attempted to chit chat.

The study found that men were quicker to approach the women when they had makeup on and the odds of a man approaching them increased when the ladies were made up.

Overall, the study found that women wearing makeup attract 33% more men than women who don’t wear makeup.


If you’re wondering what kind of makeup is the most successful, then consider this: A study in 2003 found that eye makeup was the most influential followed by foundation.

That all being said, the researchers from the study in France acknowledge that their findings MAY be reflective of only French men. More importantly, they also acknowledge that having on makeup may have boosted the self confidence of the women which is why more men approached them.

Take home message: Makeup works–especially eyeliner and foundation–and in the end of the day, do what makes you feel confident!


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