Luck of the Irish: How to Throw the Perfect St. Patty’s Day Bash

St.Patrick’s Day is approaching once again, and whether you are Irish or not, the holiday calls for a celebration.

With a few special foods and games, along with a splash of green, this March 17th should be the best you and your friends have ever experienced. So, throw some gold glitter around the room and follow these simple guidelines to success.

Leprechaun Hat

1. Games

Pass the Clover

This game can be played throughout the night. Have one person be randomly chosen to start with the clover.

While the clover is being held, the person who is holding it is allowed one wish to be granted that the other party goers must follow.

Once the wish is fulfilled, however, the clover passes on to another guest. The types of wishes can range from hysterical to flirtatious and cause tons of entertainment.

Bobbing for Gold

Hide chocolate coins around the party scene.

Whenever a friend discovers one, he/she gets to bob for golden apples in the pot you have set up. Whichever guest bobs for gold and gets the apple with the special mark on it, wins a prize!

2. Food and Drinks

Green Jello Shots

Friends will love this in addition to the traditional green beer. Spice up the typical jello shot by placing a dollop of whipped cream on top of each and throwing on some green sprinkles.

Lucky Charms

It may not be a true Irish tradition, but Lucky Charms are a sure crowd-pleaser. Fill up a big bowl with this sweet treat and allows guests to grab a scoop whenever the craving hits them.

Jolly Ranchers

Place a bowl of these green hard candies right next to the lucky charms. Munchers will be on a sugar high the whole evening, making for some laughs and smiles.

St Patty's Day Lights

4. Decorations

Green Christmas Lights

Hang up some green lights all along the walls and windows to add some personality to the room! Turn down the lights when the time is right, crank up the music and make it a real St. Patty’s Day dance fest!

5. Music

Turn up the Irish Music

There may not be too many Irish folk tunes that people can dance to, but there are some bands with native Irishmen.

Create a playlist for the bash and mix in a few U2 songs to excite the crowd.

The music, food, and games are all prepared to make the atmosphere come alive this St.Patrick’s Day. All that remains is for you to add some fun friends to the mix and you will feel like the luckiest college student this holiday.

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