Computers are very beneficial in classrooms and with technology skyrocketing, laptops have made it easier for students to work more efficiently.

However, are personal computers like laptops really a beneficial tool for students in classrooms or is it more of a distraction?

Mac Book Computers

Banning computers from classrooms

Some professors believe that laptops are a bad idea and should be banned from classrooms. Professors who believe so have good reason.

Many students become distracted in their classrooms because of laptops. Online entertainment such as Facebook, Twitter and online games are a distraction while professors are giving lectures.

For some students, online entertainment also reflects poor grades.

By banning laptops in classrooms, many professors believe that the attention span of their students will increase as well as grades.

Resourceful tool

However, many people, particularly students, believe that laptops are actually very important tools to use in the classroom.

With all the widgets and applications laptops offer, some students find it easier to take notes and to stay organize on a laptop.

Some students find it difficult to keep up with professors who talk too quickly and find that typing while listening is the only way to keep up in the classroom.

Other students find it easier to follow along with slides that are opened on their computer so they can take notes right on the teacher’s powerpoint presentation (assuming the notes are available online).

Laptops also offer programs that are very beneficial and vital for students such as math, language and study programs. There are online flash cards, study tutorials on YouTube and a whole lot of other sites that are great resources for students to use in and out of class.

Pros and cons

Both parties make a valid argument.

Some students do get very distracted in class because of all the entertainment options that are readily available to them, however, for some majors, laptops in the classroom can be very beneficial.

Students with majors like graphic design, for instance, find it very useful to have their own laptops in class.

Laptops are only a distraction if the student allows him/herself to get distracted. It’s all about the individual and how they choose to utilize their personal computer while in class.

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