Lunch time is always a hustle and bustle time of day; you’re usually tired from early morning classes, studying or stressed out from a midday exam. Maybe you have 5 minutes, maybe you have an hour, but either way, you need some recipes to get your stomach full and your mind focused until dinner time.

Whether you’re rushing out the door or you have some time relax, check out these recipes and their difficulty ratings so you can decide which one fits your lunchtime hour.

pear salad

Goat Cheese & Pear Salad

– Difficulty Rating: 4/10, time: 15 minutes

– Easy to make, minimal preparation, grocery store trip required (unless you can find all of the items in the cafeteria).

This salad is full of protein, fiber and vitamins. It covers both your fruit and veggie intake while also throwing in plenty of protein and fiber.

What you’ll need:

– Bag of lettuce (or premixed salad)

– Purdue pre-cut (and pre-cooked) chicken slices

– Goat cheese

– 1 Ripe pear

– Walnuts

– Dried cranberries

– Dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar

How to make it:

Throw the salad in a bowl, throw in a few pieces of chicken (or however much you would like), toss on a handful of walnuts, cranberries and top with the goat cheese.

For the dressing, grab a small bowl and throw in a tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon sugar. Use a fork to whisk the dressing until the sugar is dissolved.

turkey cranberry sandwich

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Difficulty rating: 3/10, time: 5-10 minutes

– Easy to make, only a few ingredients, trip to the store may be needed, but you can probably make it right in the cafeteria.

This is a simple recipe anyone can make with ingredients that are probably available at your campus convenience store or local grocer.

Thinking back to my cafeteria, all of these ingredients were available so it shouldn’t be a problem!

This is a quick and easy lunch for someone on the go who doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare a meal or to even put it together.

What you’ll need:

– Deli turkey, sliced however you like it

– Cranberry sauce (canned is fine)

– Cream cheese

– Bread or a roll

– Lettuce or sprouts

How to make it:

Spread the cream cheese on one slice of bread and start piling the turkey onto the other slice. Carve off a few slices of cranberry sauce (assuming you used the canned kind) and lay them on top of the turkey. Throw on some lettuce or spouts and top with the other slide of bread.

Enjoy with sweet potato chips or regular potato chips to take this sandwich to the next level!

Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas

– Difficulty rating: 2/10, time: 5 minutes

– Easy to make, under 5 ingredients, grocery trip may be required.

Again, a simple recipe for the student on the go; if you have the ingredients, this can be made easily in 5 minutes flat and eaten in about the same time. If you have 10 minutes between classes, you can make this lunchtime meal work for you!


What you’ll need:

– Package of flour tortilla wraps

– Purdue pre-cut (and precooked) carved chicken slices

– Shredded Mexican cheese

– Optional: salsa, sour cream, guacamole, refried beans

How to make it:

Grab a tortilla and lay it across a microwavable plate. Throw a few slices of chicken onto the wrap and sprinkle a handful of cheese on top. Lay another tortilla wrap on top, and throw the plate into the microwave for about 45 seconds (depending on microwave intensity).

Once the cheese and chicken are melted together and hot, dip your quesadillas into salsa, sour cream, guacamole or refried beans for added deliciousness.

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