Let’s admit it:

When we enter college for the first time, it’s an opportunity to reconstruct, reinvent and remake ourselves into whoever we want to be.

That means tossing out old reputations and rebuilding new ones.

If you were a nerd in high school, this is your chance to become the social butterfly you’ve always longed to be, but some students don’t always change their reputations for the best.

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Some students find themselves tarnishing their reputations before they’ve even gotten through their first year.

How can you maintain a good reputation without changing who you are or selling yourself out?

Be Aware of the Company You Keep.

A lot of times, friends play a major role in how we act as human beings. Be careful of who you hang out, live and party with.

Even if you’re the odd-ball-out within your clique, their image can be contagious.

If your friends sleep around or are known for starting fights at parties, people will associate you with those same traits. You may be a virgin who has never hurt a fly, but if someone doesn’t know you, they are going to judge/evaluate you based on who they do know: your friends.

Choose your friends wisely. People who are academically inclined, friendly, or are all-around nice individuals are good people to befriend.

You’re Only Grown From The Neck Down.

For many students, college is the first time they’ve been on their own. It’s a chance for students to grow into adults and begin making adult decisions.

However, my mother said something interesting when I turned 18 that really made a lot of sense to me: “you’re only grown from the neck down.”

Translation? You may look like an adult, but you probably still act and think like a kid.

Don’t become the student who is know for making reckless choices JUST because you’ve finally moved out of your parents house.

Give yourself time to grow and mature. You don’t have to follow the crowd because just because they seem older and more mature; find your own path and your own way and the rest will fall into place.

Duck And Dodge Those Cameras.

Every now and then you may get a little foolish at parties or events. You may even end up doing some things that you may regret later on down the road.

People always have cameras on them, especially with the amount of growing technology. Be aware of cameras, video cameras and cell phones; these days, everyone is carrying a recording device.

Try to maintain composure at parties and wild gatherings. You don’t want someone snapping a picture of you doing something embarrassing or ridiculous and then posting it on Facebook or elsewhere.

You don’t want your future employer, partner, or parents to find a video or picture of you that could compromise you or your future.

Respect & Dignity.

College is very similar to high school in many different aspects. One bad experience can make you or break you because when a rumor about gets out, it’s hard to manage it.

A good reputation is all in how you carry yourself. Maintain a positive image of yourself throughout your college career and you will have little to zero regrets regarding the person you were in college.

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