When attending college, we all have to decide: live alone or with a roommate?

Roommates having fun


I often wonder from time to time if living alone would work out better for me.

Since I was wondering it, I figured many of you out there would need the same type of guidance that I am also seeking and came up with a few conclusions that may help you in your own roommate decision.

Top Reasons to Have a Roommate:

1. Money Saver.

Everyone knows that the more people you have living in one spot, the less it will cost per person.

A four bedroom apartment will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than a two bedroom living space.

So if saving money is your main goal, the more bedrooms, the cheaper it will be.

2. Entertainment.

There wont be lonely moments because you will have your roommates there to keep you company. If you are someone who tends to get lonely, then think about who you enjoy being around and get them involved in your living situation.

3. Help!

Instead of you having to do everything on your own, you will have someone else there to help. For instance, the chores can be split up, the cost to decorate, cooking meals, etc.

Having several roommates will take the pressure off of you to do every little thing yourself. You can rely on others to help you get things done and get them done faster.

Top Reasons for Living Alone:

1. Privacy

You no longer have to worry about someone going into your bathroom and taking your hair gel without asking because everything is YOURS and no one has the key, but YOU.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course, it does!

I am huge on privacy so when I think about moving into a one bedroom, this weighs heavy on my list.

2. No more drama.

You are the only person you have to worry about so there is no more drama or hassle about who ate the last hot pocket because the answer will always be the same: YOU!

You don’t have to worry about people walking around the house half-naked while your partner is over because YOU will be the only one there!

You don’t have to worry about cleaning up someone else’s mess because YOU will be the only one creating it!

You don’t have to worry about decorating the place in order to please someone else because only YOUR preferences/tastes matter.

3. Being selfish is okay.

If you no longer want to worry about someone else, then maybe living alone is for you.

Maybe you are tired of getting stuck with bad roommates or you just simply need some space; there is nothing wrong with choosing to live alone and a lot of people are much happier doing so.

We all need some time to ourselves once in a while and did I mention?The remote is all yours!

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