Homesick: the Sickness of Missing Home.

For some more than others, homesick is a compound word (I haven’t said compound word since 2nd grade) whose emotional value may arguably surpass that of Jack’s dying moments in Titanic.


For those of you who have never missed your own bed, unprocessed chicken and showering with out old navy flip-flops, I guess we can knock this area off of our list of potential similarities. For those of you who can relate however, read on.

I’m writing about this topic because I get it. I experienced this disease to a crippling effect. But five semesters after move-in day where I met my beloved old roommate, Mae, dripping in sweat and wanting to somehow decline my acceptance and go to the University of Jenny’s Home, I genuinely LOVE school.

In fact, I now get ‘schoolsick’, where I quite literally yearn for campus. #GoHuskies (That’s twitter language for all of you tweet-less souls.)

But rather than focus on why freshman get homesick, I’ve decided to talk about why still three or four years later at a school we love and with friends we consider family, we have our days where we just miss home.

Even though this feeling may be rare, I believe it’s important to not only address it, but to give pointers on how to deal with the emotion when it comes out of the “college closet.”

1. Misery loves company.

Don’t feed into your homesickness by joining forces with other sick souls.

Everyone misses home and craves a shower with out mysterious bacteria-it’s normal. Instead of looking for others who would rather head home than stay put, hang out with happy people. #dontworrybehappy.

Everyone has issues, and no one aside from Sarah Palin is perfect (joking) but some have a better outlook than others. You know which friends see their glass through rose-colored shades and think it’s half full when it’s really empty. Spend your time with them and avoid Debbie Downers.

2. A Busy Bee is the Way to Bee

Okay, that was corny but it speaks volumes in regards to fixing your curable sickness. Staying busy helps almost as much as my earplugs help me sleep.

When you’re busy it’s hard to think about how stressful your classes are, why you can never remember whom you kissed over the weekend, or how your bed is as narrow as your desk.

See what games and events are going on throughout campus. Make an appointment with career services and have a mock interview to determine how much you use the unintelligent filler, ‘like’, in one sitting. Go out to lunch or dinner with friends.

ANYTHING to keep your mind off of how much you miss your dog or gerbil is beneficial.

3. No Stress is Best

Stress sucks and it’s a major contributor to your particular level of homesickness.

Everyone but my roommate, Olivia, gets stressed. It gives you pimples, makes you nervous and does absolutely nothing to help fix whatever it is you’re anxious about.

It’s important to figure out what it is that relieves your stress and ways in which you can incorporate the activity to your daily life. I like to read blog posts on because they’re honest, sexy and real. I also like to color, doodle and watch Jerry McGuire. #youhadmeathello, #showmethemoney.

When times get tough, we really do miss home. It’s OK to feel homesick and experience the occasional craving for a germ-free environment and real food. If talking about your feelings (but not eating them) is what makes you feel better, then find a friend who is a good listener.

If baking hundreds of brownies and cookies is soothing for you, then bake and send the goods my way. If playing basketball against a team no where near your level of skill makes you feel like a boss and helps you forget that your dad at home can still kick your ass, then do it.

The bottom line is the feeling is natural, but it’s important to recognize what’s making you miss home and how to get over the feeling.

And that is my take on the compound word, ‘homesick.’

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