Facebook & Your Relationship: Social Media Etiquette

Social platforms like Facebook have made announcing a new relationship extremely easy. The downside? It’s also made screwing up REALLY EASY.

Make sure you don’t commit a major relationship faux pas by following these basic rules:

Facebook relationship status

New Relationship

-Delete and untag photographs with an ex.

-Don’t add his/her family members &/or good friends until you meet them or are given permission to.

-Don’t friend an ex after getting in a new relationship–that’s just asking for trouble! (If you’re already friends, that’s fine).

-Don’t post any new photographs that may hurt your boyfriend/girlfriend. This includes hanging out with an ex or getting too comfy with a girl/guy.

-Don’t change your relationship status without discussing it & don’t leave your status as single when you’re in a relationship.

-No dumping on Facebook.

-Don’t hit on guys/girls openly on Facebook.

In a Steady Relationship

-Don’t post PDA photographs (read: don’t post albums dedicated to photographs of you and your significant other making out).

-Don’t update a status complaining about your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s petty and immature to air your dirty laundry so publicly.

-Don’t fight via wall-posts either–nobody else really cares.

-Don’t bombard your friends with status updates about how much you are in love either. There is nothing more annoying than always seeing lovey-dovey status updates every few hours that could have easily been a private message or detailed hourly updates about what you are doing with each other.

Follow these tips when it comes to social media platforms and you will be on your way to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship!

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