College Dating: 4 Guys to Date Before You Graduate

College means entering a world of new people from all different backgrounds.

With this kind of exposure, you have the opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures and see things from all different perspectives.

In the dating ring, you also have a chance to see which type of partner will best complement your personality.

Rather than sticking to your typical type, use college to try dating someone new.

There are a few types of guys every college woman should date before graduation in order to be sure of what you are looking for in the long run. Take advantage of this chance to date many different types of guys and see what works for you.

Teddy Bear

Guy #1: The “Teddy Bear”

This boy is the one all of your friends love, but no one has ever dated.

He is known as the sweetest person around and has a certain innocence about him, maybe because he always has a silly grin on his face.

The Teddy Bear is that boy who is always in the friend zone, but it may be time to make him something more.

The Teddy Bear will always put you first. No other significant other will make you feel more appreciated, however, this adoration can be his downfall.

Watch out for being put on a pedestal with this cuddly partner.

Guy #2: The Student Council President

If you are looking to date someone that will push you to challenge yourself, this beau may be the guy for you.

He is the hot-shot on campus who seems to know everyone. From running fundraisers and handing out pamphlets he is seen and known all across campus.

Unlike the Teddy Bear, this boy will be very independent in your relationship. Since he has a lot going on in his own life, you will not be at the center of his attention. While this may not be satisfactory for many girls, this boy can also urge you to do your personal best.

The Student Council President will want you to excel. In this relationship, you may become the most successful version of yourself.

Guy #3: The Rebel With A Cause

This date is a better version of the bad boy you may have encountered in high school.

He does not follow the norms. This boy can open your mind and take you outside of the box. By dating, you may prevent yourself from falling into mainstream thought on campus and end up learning to think more as an individual.

The problem with this guy? He may have commitment issues.

His mistrust of society may result in a distrust of people in general. You may have to be patient if you want to reach a deeper level of commitment with him.


Guy #4: The Sports Star

The awesome thing about the college athlete is he will always be a good time. These boys are usually light-hearted and funny, adding a sense of humor and fun to the atmosphere. However, be prepared for potential immaturity and a lack of commitment to your relationship.

As a boyfriend, the Sports Star will make sure you are happy by any means possible. Do not be surprised though if he has difficulty taking matters seriously. He likes to enjoy the moment, not worry about the reality of life.

While he is committed to his game, that may be the only thing he is committed to/that he takes seriously. Your relationship may take a backseat to practices, games and celebratory bar nights with the team.

No matter who you date, remember this: You’re in college, so just have fun!

After dating this mix of guys on campus, you should have a much better idea of who brings out the best in you.

Your college years are meant for discovering what you want in the future. In the mean time, have fun and enjoy the experiences you have with each of your dates!

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