Weekly News Roundup (3/5 – 3/11)


The Dalai Lama has announced that he will be stepping down as the head of the Tibetan government (an exiled government running from India), but will continue to be their spiritual leader—a life long obligation.

The Libyan revolution continues as the government, once again, gains full control over the city of Zawiya.

The Moroccan king pledges reforms as his country seeks democratic changes and neighboring countries undergo violent revolutions.


The FDA has taken over 3 Tylenol plants after a series of recalls.

The secretary of the U.S. Army, John McHugh, has disciplined 9 officers for not bringing to light the problems with Major Nidal Hasan—the officer accused of committing the 2009 Fort Hood, Texas, shootings that left 13 dead and 43 injured.


Charlie Sheen doesn’t need a day job! The man can make as much as $50,000 per tweet, according to the NYTimes.

Julianne Moore is set to play Sarah Palin in an HBO film about the former Alaskan governors life.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are officially over, according to a joint statement released by the duo.


A study published in the journal Sleep found that those who snore loudly were at least twice as likely as non-snorers to have metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

According to study of nearly 35,000 women published Thursday in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, drinking coffee may lower risk of stroke in women.

Recent studies suggest that people are bad at noticing their own weight gain and that doctors are doing a poor job at telling their patients they’re fat!

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