I’m sure you’ve heard of people meeting their soulmate in college, but the times are evolving and dating these days is getting more and more difficult and stressful.

The days of meeting that special someone in the library or on the bus are slowly diminishing.

These days, many college students are encountering each other at the club, bar or wild socials full of drinking and hooking-up before ever knowing the other person’s name.

With that said, the chances of finding a decent and respectable guy or gal are slim to none while in college.



Many college students are hooking up at random parties, intaking drugs and being promiscuous leaving them at a high risk for addiction, STD’s, and unhealthy relationships.

Changes in Traditional Sexuality

It’s no longer a big shock to see two guys or two girls holding hands or lip-locking and this is true on many college campuses.

Many college students today are more open and aware of their sexuality. If not, they’re on the brink of discovering what their sexuality is.

College is the time many young students experiment with their sexuality whether it’s finding out one’s true sexual preferences or experimenting due to taking one-too-many shots.

Build A Healthy Relationship

Despite your sexual preferences, a healthy and safe relationship is vital.

Steer clear of some harmful factors that can potentially put a healthy relationship at risk:

Alcohol and Drugs

A mixture of alcohol and/or drugs can lead to promiscuity and risky behavior which can lead to addiction and serious diseases. Females are especially at a high risk because many females tend to have a lower tolerance than men when it comes to alcohol or drugs. Women can easily be the victims of date rape

Be careful that you don’t end up the next morning next to the wrong person, or worse, having no recollection of the night.

Body Image

By the time most of us reach college, are bodies are at their “sexiest.” Be aware of the image you portray with your body.

As an adult and you can wear whatever you want. However, sending the wrong message through your clothing choices can lead to abuse or rape. Many people don’t care if you have the right to wear what you want; in some minds, if you are a woman wearing revealing clothing, you’re “asking for it.”

Promote a positive image of your body and yourself by dressing appropriately. If you are looking for love, you want the person to be attracted to who YOU are, not what is underneath your clothes (or lack thereof).


Bullies don’t just reside in high school. College students also get picked on because of their sexual orientation.

If you prefer the opposite sex, that’s your preference. Nevertheless, there will always be bullies and people who pick on others for being different.

If you fall under this category, avoid people who may pick on because of your sexual preference. If avoiding them doesn’t help, seek help of an authority figure before the situation gets serious and dangerous.

Meeting the love of your life in college is absolutely possible!

Understanding your sexual preference and portraying yourself in a respectable manner can help lead to a healthy physical, mental and spiritual relationship.

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