Want To Be A Vegan? What You Should Know & How to Go About It

Everyone is familiar with the ‘freshmen 15’ because it is most common for freshmen to gain weight their first year in college.

You can go on a diet to remove the extra weight, or you can change your eating habits so it becomes a daily routine instead of starvation.

vegan lifestyle

Being a vegan is extremely healthy for your body and it cleanses you from a lot of toxic waste that is unnecessary.

If you have been toying with the idea of becoming a vegan, here are a few tips you may want to consider.

According to nursingdegree.net, there are plenty of ways to adjust your diet so you lose weight AND become healthier:

Tip 1: Reduce your intake of saturated fats.

Tip 2: Eat carbohydrates, don’t skip them.

Tip 3: Enjoy plenty of fiber in your diet.

Tip 4: Keep up your Magnesium, Potassium, and Folate levels.

Tip 5: Vegan diets are full of antioxidants vitamins, and phytochemicals.

Tip 6: Protein-packed diet.

1. You’ve already made the first step: RESEARCH!

In whatever you want to do with yourself, it is important to do adequate research.

Don’t stop here; continue to look for more information to decide if being a vegan is right for you.

You also need to be well rounded on things that can possibly go wrong with the vegan diet so take the time to research every aspect before delving into a serious diet change. You may want to talk to your doctor, family, and friends to get advice and various opinions.

2. Start Slow

Being a vegan is no joke, and according to all the vegans I know, it’s a lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle change because being a vegan (while not necessarily for everyone) can typically mean changing things other than your diet. You may not only adjust your diet, but the clothes you wear and the things you use that may have animal products in them. That’s why taking it slow is VERY important because you don’t want completely shock your body or your friends and family.

In your meals, slowly take out the animal products; meaning everyday take out one more thing. For instance, if you eat eggs for breakfast today with toast, tomorrow eat just the toast with peanut butter, jam or some kind of non-dairy spread.

If you had chicken and pasta for lunch today, tomorrow just eat the pasta, etc.

If you have to do this once a week, that’s okay, too. As long as you gradually work your way up to being a vegan, you won’t stress out your body and end up making yourself sick or hurting yourself.

3. According to soyouwanna.com, all vegans should be familiar with these products:

– Tofu

– Milk alternatives

– Meat alternatives

– Cheese alternatives

– Tempeh

– Nutritional yeast

– Seitan

– Veggie burgers

– Protein powder

4. Ask friends to join you

When you make a big change in your life, we tend to be a little more confident and motivated if we have support from those who care about us. If you include a friend or family member to join in with the challenge, you may be more inclined to continue.

Trying to make it into a competition is also a good way to go about it. Come up with a prize if you both can continue to live the vegan life for x-amount of time.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Life is short, enjoy it, and be healthy!

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