Being someone who LOVES music and believes it should be on at all times, I figured I would pass on some great tunes that get me in the mood to do just about anything, from cooking and cleaning to blogging and jogging!

NOTE: I realize not all of these songs are super new and some of them you may already know, but bear with me, you may find a song you haven’t heard yet!

Kid Cudi ft. David Guetta – Memories

Upbeat jam with a mix of light techno and repetitive lyrics to not only function as a great party song, but an awesome workout song too!

I also love the fact that he sings about memories and all the crazy shit he has done, something every college student can relate to!

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

I have heard this song several times recently not only at parties and at bars, but on the radio now too! If you have heard it, but didn’t know who or what you were listening to, the song is Stereo Love and it’s AWESOME!

According to the song is a Romanian collaboration between Eduard Marian (who is a producer, songwriter, performer and DJ) and composer Eldar Mansurov from Azerbaijan and the Russian DJ Vika Jigulina.

TGIF – Katy Perry

Okay, so I am a sucker for a catchy pop song… SUE ME!!! I don’t care what anyone says, I love Katy Perry and her songs rock my world.

I like this song for a few reasons: it’s upbeat, fun, the lyrics are somewhat relate-able and it hasn’t been overplayed yet (haven’t heard it on the radio yet).

This song is perfect for driving in the car, walking to class, or for taking a study break. It definitely has party-song potential, but that is totally up to the girl who is controlling the music at the party.

Lady Gaga – I Like It Rough

So this song isn’t new or anything, it’s actually technically old, but I classify this song as a “filler” meaning it is put in the album as a song that won’t get picked up as a single, but I think it had the potential to be one!

You may have passed over this song on your way to Just Dance or Disco Stick, butttt I think its worth a try if you like Gaga! It’s fast paced, got a great beat and I love the lyrics!

Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me

This song has gained notoriety from the movie trailer Morning Glory, but it’s also a little irresistible.

Great lyrics, awesome beat/tempo, and Natasha Bedingfields’ voice is Ah-mazing!

The perfect song for a workout or for doing work; the video is actually pretty cool, too!

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