Women go days (or maybe weeks) without shaving and men sometimes go weeks (or months) without getting a hair cut.


We all have fallen victim to this because sometimes, without realizing it, we get comfortable in our situation and forget what it use to feel like to date.

And why wouldn’t we?

We assume our partner is okay with it because they have already witnessed us at our best. Right?

While this is true to a certain degree, as humans, we also want to feel that spark with our partner, or boredom will soon takeover.

If you are experiencing boredom, here are top 3 things you can do to keep the spark alive:

1. Say “I Love You”

It’s simple but it does the job and it does the job well. Everyone likes to be reassured every so often that the love is secure and genuine. Keep it fresh by saying it more.

2. Take intimate vacations together

Alone time is always a major spark in life, period. Taking time to be together without the distraction of family, friends and work is a great way and to remind one another why you fell in love in the first place. Take a vacation together, revamp your relationship and renew the spark that ignited the flame that brought you two together.

3. Love Notes

When you wake up in the morning pick up a random post it note and leave it somewhere you know your partner will find it. Write on it “You are beautiful” or “I love waking up to you” and it is guaranteed to make your partner’s day. This let’s him/her know that they are constantly on your mind. No matter what.

The biggest lesson is simply learning to love each other.

In peace, love and happiness


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