Does Santa Know What You Really Want for Christmas? Gifts You Want vs. Gifts You Need

Whether you attend college across state lines or right around the corner from home, at the end of the year, college life will impact your way of thinking. Yup, that means even your Christmas list.

So if your parents end up getting you something unexpected this year, try cutting them some slack. They may not be putting into consideration three major factors when Christmas shopping:

Santa Reading

Your Needs

Receiving the latest gadgets for Christmas may be great, but is it something you really need? Think about the the things that you can put to use.

Getting tuition paid would be the ultimate Christmas gift, but let’s be realistic.

If you’re one of those students who waits until the day it is due to print out an assignment, maybe a personal printer is more practical—you’ll save money and avoid standing in long lines at the library.

If you live on campus, you may not have cable. Ask for a collection of your favorite DVD’s or board games like Monopoly to keep you entertained on a rainy day.

Your Living Arrangements

If you live off campus, you probably don’t have to worry about on campus rules and regulations. So how about asking your parents for a nice bathroom set or some cooking basics for the kitchen: measuring cups, utensils, an all-in-one kitchen set.

Ask for a fold up table which you can use not only for eating, but for studying, and even a little beer pong.

However, if you live on campus, talk to your parents and let them know what’s acceptable and what’s not. For instance, you may love candles, but candles may not be an appropriate gift if you live in a dormitory where they’re prohibited.

Whether you live on or off campus, you can never be too sure of the person you’re living with. Asking to get your expensive items engraved with your name and information or getting theft insurance may not sound like an idle gift, but it can prevent theft.

Your Wants

As a college student, there are always things that you’re going to need, but don’t get too caught up on the day-to-day necessities. After all, it’s Christmas. It’s the time of year where you try to get at least one thing you ask for.

So check out the list for some Christmas gifts ideas you may want to find under the tree this year and have a Merry Christmas:

– A coffe maker
– A crock pot
– Electronic picture frames
– Invisible book shelves
– A subscription to Netflix
– An iPod or iPhone
– A creative cell phone case
– Gift cards

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