Skittles Vodka is something I hold very near and dear to me.

I remember the first time I saw this concoction–I was a second semester freshman and it was the third week of April. And just to emphasize how significant it is that I remember the time frame: I don’t remember the year my dad was born.

This recipe is so good, I’m shocked Skittles hasn’t partnered with Smirnoff to make this bottle this deliciousness!

What is it?

Skittles Vodka is essentially vodka infused with skittles.

Skittles Vodka


5 bottles of Vodka
1 lb Skittles


1. Divide the skittles up by color and place in a separate bowl or on a napkin.
2. Add all the green skittles to one bottle of vodka. Repeat with the remaining 4 colors.
3. Shake the bottles of vodka. Let them sit overnight, or for a few hours to dissolve the flavor and coating. If you have the time, shake it periodically.
4. Once the vodka is tinted the hue of the skittles, prepare to filter the Skittles residue. Take a funnel and line with a paper towel. Pour the vodka-skittle concoction into a bowl.
5. Rinse the vodka bottle and the flask. Throw away the paper towel containing Skittles Residue.
6. Pour the colored vodka in the bowl back into the original bottle.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for all the colors.
8. Chill and serve!

I promise you–this will definitely be your favorite way to  “experience of the rainbow!”

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