As a history major, I’m sure you enjoy learning about different historical events.

I’m also pretty sure that you’ve been told before that your history degree won’t lead you to a good career which leaves you with the puzzling question:

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What am I going to do with a history degree?

The answer is simple—anything!

Many history majors go on to build a career as lawyers, librarians, researchers, politicians and, yes, even teachers.

Completing your bachelor’s degree in history can be an enticing experience. Careers in history will allow you to preserve and study cultural, social, political and economical events that occur.

However, unlike a lot of other majors, most history graduates can’t just walk into a building and expect a job based solely on their degree.

You’ll have to plan out exactly what you’re looking for in a career and consider whether or or not you’ll need further education.

Careers with your history degree


This is the easiest (easy as in it’s usually students first choice when considering their history degree) and most typical route most history majors go into. But if you plan on being a teacher, especially at a collegiate level, a doctorate is required.

Law School

This a very competitive field. Knowing historical facts and events is extremely beneficial when attending law school.

I would venture a guess that since you are so good at studying facts and memorizing dates, you would probably be a natural when studying for the Bar exam or any other tests law school will throw your way.


A career as a historian can take into a variety of fields. It all depends on what you’re interested in:

– Historian as Advocates
– Historian as Businesspeople
– Historian as Educators
– Historian as Information Managers
– Historians as Researchers
– Historians as Writers and Editors

You may even be able to get on television as a specialist for the History Channel or something cool like that!


Government jobs have the highest employment rate. They often look for people who are skilled in communications, research, and critical thinking; so as a history major, you’re trained in all these areas making you an excellent candidate for governmental jobs.

Other jobs also include

– Artist
– Archivists
– Bankers
– Business Owners
– Military Officers
– Ministers

As a history major, a career for you is only limited if you allow yourself to be limited!

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