We’ve all met neurotic people in college. In fact, many otherwise normal people BECOME neurotic in college due to academic and career pressures.

A study published in the journal of “Social Psychological and Personality Science” has revealed that sex reduces the tendency of neurotic people to display negative emotions–moodiness, easily irritated, worrisome behavior and getting upset easily.

The study followed 72 newlywed couples over 4 years who reported their sexual frequency and marital satisfaction every six months.

Results showed that marital satisfaction was not influenced by sexual frequency for most couples; however, neurotic spouses did make the correlation.

Sex made neurotic subjects feel better about themselves and their lives.

What’s more, neuroticism is said to have a detrimental effect on relationships.

The researchers from the University of Tennessee stated that “high levels of neuroticism are more strongly associated with bad marital outcomes than any other personality factor.”

The researchers found that frequent sex eliminated the “happiness deficit” of neurotic spouses and that “frequent sex is one way that some neurotic people are able to maintain satisfying relationships.”

Long story short: Got Neuroticism? Have Sex!

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