What is Theology?

Theology doesn’t solely mean the study of Christianity.

It is the study of obtaining a profound understanding of religion(s) or faith(s). Needless to say, your career options sound limited, right?

Well, that depends.



A career in theology can be very exciting. You discover new ways to answer theological questions such as,

“Why do I exist and what is my relationship with the universe?”

Theology almost goes hand in hand with philosophy.

You gain a new appreciation for the world and you are better able to look at problems or situations with a completely different perspective than the rest of the world.

Theology and Philosophy have to possibility of opening your eyes, mind, and soul.

While the  field of Theology seems somewhat limited, within the theology realm, you have many choices to choose from.

Two Types of Theologists

A degree that deals with religion will typically offer two paths:

1. Academic: when following the academic path, this indicates that you plan on becoming a teacher or professor to teach theology to others.

2. Parochial: parochial means of or relating to the church. Careers that involve the church is where the choice of parochial will take you.


Unlike most majors, the requirements for a theology degree differ from school school.

It also depends on what exactly you’re trying to learn like Christianity or Islamic. This may take a lot of research on your part.

Figure out exactly what you believe in or not, what you want to learn, and what you plan on doing as far as a career is concerned.

Career Opportunities

– Church youth worker

– College professor

– Deacon in parish or institution

– Editorial work in religious publishing houses

– Religion teacher

– Staff position with a church or private agency

– Theological journalist

Understand that with a degree in theology, you have to have passion and the desire to lead the life of a Theologist.

You have the opportunity to have an immense impact on other the lives of others; what could be more rewarding than that?

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