Are Social Networks Ruining Your Relationship? Here is how to STOP that!

All of us are aware with what is going on. Everyone, including your parents, have been sucked into the social media hole. There are several different types of Social Media fiends.

Social Media from


Without realizing its high demand, some wake up and the first thing they do is reach for the phone or laptops to tweet. And what is everyone saying so early? “Good morning, followers,” is simple and courteous enough.


The one who goes on vacations or parties around the town and take a million pictures. They run home after the social event with a bladder that is about to explode but instead of quickly going to the restroom to release…they have a quick thought: “I’ll just upload these pictures really fast.” And so, they find themselves, twisting and turning in their chair, creating a new album on facebook because there new shoes are so fabulous everyone HAS to see them. Not to mention, the long time rivalry has to see all the fun that is going on.


And then…there are the ones who are “In a Relationship with …” and update their status every 10 minutes to express the undeniable love they have for their partner. (And of course, the social media stalkers feed off of all this.) Everything is perfect and beautiful and they couldn’t be happier. Right? But then something suddenly changes. The relationship status is removed and someone in the relationship wasn’t verbally notified…they were told by their Facebook notification. So of course, your heart drops and you are hysterically wondering what happened to cause such a break up. Do we not talk anymore? Has the lack of communication become a norm? Yes. Because without second thoughts, you are having a session with all your friends, eating ice cream and trying to dissect every inch of the situation. The thought of calling your partner to ask what happened never crossed your mind. I mean, why should it? Facebook already told you that it was over. Right? Wrong.

THE SOLUTION: keep every personal…personal

If you are one of these people this post is a massive wake up call to snap you back into reality. Yes, our world in consumed with social media tactics…is this not one of them? But it is important for you to understand that it should not define your life. Being able to affectively communicate with your partner is the most beautiful thing in the world…the internet has come in between that. Leaving us to forget what it felt like to talk or write a letter and put it in the mail box. It is too easy to write e-mails and talk on skype rather than arranging a meeting to have lunch to smell each other’s perfume.

If your partner removes their facebook relationship does it mean he/she broke up with you? No. It probably means that your partner appreciates PRIVACY and the meaning of having a PERSONAL LIFE. Being in love is beautiful, yes, and sometimes you just want the world to know that you are happy. But in reality, what is the purpose of this? Allowing the world to know you are happy is giving them the right to enter your relationship with all of their negativity and opinions. You do not need the world to agree with your happiness. Keep it to yourself. Keeping it to yourself will give you a clear and open mind about dealing with problems and situations within.

I had to learn this the hard way…I was drowning in my social media relationship and the only thing I could think was “My swimming coach did not prepare me for this.”

In love, peace and happiness

Bianca Salvant

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