If you are looking for a book to inspire you or someone you love, The Power is the perfect book.

The book teaches you how to get what you want through positive thinking and the laws of attraction. According to author Rhonda Byrne, in order to get the life and the things you want, all you have to do is change the way you think.

The Secret: The Power


She claims that everything in this world is governed by the laws of attraction.

If you think you are successful and you believe this, then according to the laws of attraction, all things that will bring you success will be brought into your life.

She teaches the reader how to change negative thoughts into positive ones and how to will the life you want.

The book truly did inspire me and as a result, my own thought processes have changed.

Whether the book changes your life or not isn’t really the point either. What you take away from this book is a renewed sense of self and a different outlook on life.

If you drop the negativity from your thoughts, it will naturally leave your life and that is something we could all benefit from.

Instead of doubting yourself, support yourself. Instead of bringing yourself down, lift yourself up. Instead of believing you will fail, believe you will succeed!

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