10 Reasons Women Love to Receive Flowers

Women’s love for flowers has been going on since ancient times. Bright bouquets always cheer up and give a lot of positive emotions.

We will tell you how the custom of giving flowers to women appeared, 10 reasons to give flowers to a girl for a holiday and for no reason, and where to order flowers delivered today.

The Tradition Of Giving Flowers

Today, the tradition of giving flowers has become an integral part of our lives. Bouquets are given for birthdays, professional holidays and other significant events in life. Where this tradition came from is not known for certain, but there are many interesting versions. Consider the most popular of them.

Bible version

According to the biblical version, Adam and Eve, who lived in Paradise, were surrounded by magnificent plants. Having committed sin, they were expelled from the magnificent garden. Eve, accustomed to fragrant flowers, was sad on earth, and was in a depressed state. Adam could not see how his beloved was suffering. He looked everywhere for beautiful fragrant plants in order to return to his beloved at least a piece of Paradise. After a long search, the Man found a clearing with a variety of fragrant flowers. He collected a huge bouquet and gave it to Eve. Since then, there has been a tradition of giving flowers to women.

Flowers at the courts of European rulers

The most popular version says that the tradition of giving flowers appeared at the courts of European rulers. Under the kings and emperors, there were specially trained people who were responsible for decorating all the premises of the palace. They studied the meanings of each flower, their shades, knew at what moments it was necessary to give bouquets to socialites.

During the reign of the Roman emperor Nero, there was a tradition to sprinkle all his guests with buds and flower petals, which were grown in large quantities.

Eastern rulers valued peonies and chrysanthemums. Trained people worked at the courts, who grew fragrant flowers in the gardens. Over time, rich people began to plant their own flower gardens. The hobby turned into a real race between representatives of the upper strata of society – the rich sought to find and grow the most luxurious and expensive varieties of flowers, from which they created magnificent compositions.

Why is it important to give girls and women flowers

There is an opinion that women love flowers at the genetic level. It’s hard to disagree with this. A beautiful bouquet is a great way to tell a loved one about warm feelings, show attention and shower with compliments. An exquisite floral composition is also a great opportunity to emphasize the beauty of a woman, her importance in your life.

A bouquet of flowers from a beloved man will make a woman happier and more confident. Do not forget to tell your soulmate about your sincere feelings not only with words, but also with the help of a pleasant surprise – a flower arrangement.

Why give flowers: 10 reasons

  1. Flowers instead of a thousand words. Floral composition will help to express feelings, emotions and experiences. A chic composition of roses will tell about love, a bouquet of lilies or callas will convey tenderness and care. Flowers will help to express what cannot be expressed in words.
  2. Cheer up if the girl is sad or upset for some reason. A bright fragrant bouquet will add life to colors and give a good mood.
  3. Flowers are constant companions of the festive atmosphere. With the help of an elegant bouquet, you can create a solemn atmosphere filled with joy and happiness.
  4. A wonderful universal gift for any holiday and just for no reason. A bouquet of flowers, regardless of the relationship with the woman and her preferences, will definitely please and be appreciated.
  5. Room decoration. Women love everything stylish and sophisticated and a bouquet of flowers will perfectly complement any interior. A lively composition is conducive to conversation, uplifting and inspires confidence. A beautiful bouquet on the home table will give the room freshness and lightness.
  6. An ancient tradition that symbolizes the splendor and perfection of nature, presented as a gift. Together with a bouquet, a man gives part of the wealth, the forces of nature and irresistible beauty.
  7. A bouquet of flowers is the way to the heart of every woman. A path covered with fragrant petals will arouse the location of a woman.
  8. To apologize. A chic composition of flowers will make amends better than any words and help to recognize the correctness of the second half.
  9. Knowledge of the world. A modest bouquet of charming daisies will give a woman all the charm of her homeland, a composition of exotic plants will reveal the splendor of distant lands. Flowers will help to know the beauty of the whole planet.
  10. The man who gave the bouquet is sexier than any other, this is confirmed by statistics. Many men take note!

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