All over Europe and worldwide, we’ve been dealing with this unpredictable, crazy, frustrating and downright tragic health situation. We’re so sick and tired of it that there is now a new psychological presentation referred to as Covid Fatigue.  We get it. We totally get it, and with all that’s been going on this past year and a bit, there has been an increased awareness behind managing mental health more acutely and taking it more seriously (good thing, long overdue). Still, along with your general healthcare, we think it’s also as good a time as any to check in with your dental and oral health care too.


It has been said that good oral healthcare is the gateway to overall health, and we couldn’t agree more. Not only can your doctor tell how healthy you are overall, but (sorry, have to say it) how good your mouth smells (or not) can also be an indication of more significant problems elsewhere – not just your teeth. Also, a lovely bright, and healthy smile goes some way to protecting your mental health too.

So maintaining a good oral healthcare regime is the first place to start. Brushing regularly, using a decent mouthwash, and flossing all contribute to managing the bacterial levels of your mouth and have a positive effect and impact on your overall health and well-being.  And if you’re still unconvinced about how important flossing is, consider this: A dentist was an asked which teeth need to be flossed more regularly than the others and his response?

Just the ones you want to keep.

It’s also essential to address any corrective issues as soon as possible too. If your wisdom teeth have been bothering you or need teeth straightened, or even gaps between your teeth filled in, try and get this done as soon as you can as leaving it unfinished for extended periods can have an even more detrimental effect that will need to be done greater levels of correction later. In case of tooth pain or inflammation, contact your dentist immediately and get medicines on prescription discount so it doesn’t get heavy on your pocket. If you need braces or if one of yours needs braces, it’s always a good idea to get some good research done first, as not all orthodontists are created equal.


Water really is natures little miracle worker, and not only does good hydration keep your body functioning at peak performance, but a dry mouth attracts bacteria, germs and will reward you with less than a minty fresh breath – no one has time for that, so get at least eight glasses in a day as not only will your mouth thank you, but so too will your gut and the rest of your body.


Especially true as we prepare to head into the season of holidays and Christmas and big family gatherings. Sugary drinks, foods and cakes all have a terrible impact on your teeth and can cause decay, infections, issues in your gums and bone and besides which, your liver is not that great a fan either.

As we prepare to make it through the long cold winters of the Northern Hemisphere, let’s wage the storm wisely and come out sparkling the other side.

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