Teenagers facing their own set of problems can suffer in many ways. In most cases, it starts to spill over into the classroom, causing more problems as they fall behind and face discipline for grades.

Instead of continuing with this vicious cycle, Elevations RTC strives to put an end to any academic issues with a plan in place that speeds up and simplifies the learning process. The goal is not just to stay up with peers during enrollment but get ahead before returning home.

How does Elevations RTC Alternatives School approach academics? From hiring for openings to how a day is structured, the academic set up increases the likelihood of individuals having success while also staying close enough to the typical day at a traditional school.

Monitoring all changes

New students go through an evaluation process at the beginning of their time with Elevations RTC. This provides a solid base of information to use to understand how much work is necessary for specific subjects. The staff knows the strengths and weaknesses of each student and how they react to certain situations. A calculated approach makes sense at times, depending on the personality of a student. While that might be unrealistic at other schools, Elevations RTC Staff pulls it off.

Classes take place in a traditional class setting, but flexibility helps out individuals. If someone falls too much behind, they can switch classes if needed. This helps all students when they are around people thinking the same way as them.

Since children live on campus, there is constant evaluation going on by different staff members. They all share information so that there is extensive knowledge of every teenager. The benefit of this is being able to identify any issues that might pop up before they get out of hand. By taking care of smaller issues early on, nothing too out of the ordinary gets in the way.

Full, standard education

There are no cutting corners from an academic standpoint at Elevations RTC. Students learn the same subjects, they have teachers with specific focuses to help out, and there are similar assignments handed out like at any other school. Part of a stay at Elevations RTC involves exploration, so offering as many options as possible increases the likelihood of a teenager finding something they thoroughly enjoy.

It is impossible to fit every single student into the same academic plan. At the same time, each student does follow a curriculum accredited by the Utah Department of Education and the California Department of Education. To put it simply, students will not lose a beat learning at Elevations RTC compared to any school back home. In fact, with more one-on-one time with teachers, there is a chance of receiving a higher level of education during their stay.

As a cost-cutting measure at other residential treatment centers, they handle the academic side with many online classes, walkthroughs, and other lackluster teaching methods. This leaves a teenager further behind their peers once they return to a more traditional setting.

Prepping for the future

College might seem far away for some teenagers dealing with issues and signing up for a residential treatment center. However, after getting back on track, college comes back into the picture for many students. That means preparing for standardized tests and scoring as highly as possible. Elevations offers courses specific to helping with ACT and SAT preparation.

Love them or hate them; standardized tests make a big difference in the eyes of colleges. It takes a specific type of learning to ensure that the mind works in the right way for testing. Having the right amount of study time for these tests improves scores significantly. Most standardized test prep usually requires people to pay for a tutor on the side. With Elevations RTC, it is included with enrollment.

A time to study outside of the classroom

Just like in traditional schools, there is designated study time outside the classroom. Study hall is a way to work on projects, get specialized help, and stay on a routine while at Elevations RTC. There are always going to be times when study hall seems a bit tedious, but it builds a routine that works outside of school as well.

The academic support offered during study hall time is excellent. Whether it means needing to talk to an adult, working on a project with classmates, or anything else, it is much easier to stay productive and focused during designated study hall hours.

Keeping academics enjoyable at Elevations RTC

A problem many educators face comes down to academics feeling very mundane. Not everyone has a passion for education, and it is hard to break bad habits.

As time goes on, creating a learning atmosphere for each student to be their best at Elevations RTC makes a huge difference. Getting back on track as a teenager involves a lot of factors, and the educational side can open up many doors. Discipline matters, but so does coming up with creative ways to reach students who have not experienced that breakthrough moment just yet.

A little bit more creativity and overall care for students and their academic well-being give Elevations RTC the edge over its competitors.

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