Often we have to make decisions that affect our future life, and choosing a degree is one of them. But with so many options available, the decision becomes overwhelming for young people. The best way to tackle this stage without taking undue pressure is by thinking about your goals. What do you aspire to achieve in life? Are you passionate about helping people, or do you want a creative position? Whatever the case may be, you must choose the best fit for you. Therefore it is vital to consider colleges that offer accredited programs in your chosen field.

Some people aspire to change the world for the better and remove the ills of society. They want to make meaningful contributions to the community by helping others live better. Some programs provide better opportunities to transform society.

Read about five of these programs below:


Think about the first person who made a change in your life. For most people, their lives were first changed by an inspiring teacher. Adolescence is a highly formative time in a child’s schooling. It is the age at which children develop new skills and interact with the world. Therefore, an empathic elementary teacher can change the life of a person. High school teachers help young teens navigate life on the cusp of adulthood.

By becoming a teacher, you can change the lives of future leaders. Therefore, get a degree in early education to get a rewarding career in teaching.

Social Work:

Individuals and families often need help to navigate life. A social worker can help people solve complex problems and deal with stressful situations. They also support clients with chronic illnesses, mental health issues, and unemployment.

With an online DSW degree, you can learn vital skills to become a social change leader and help the underprivileged. Additionally, as a social worker, you will create programs and policies for an equitable society. Therefore you will change the lives of thousands through policymaking.


If anything the past year has taught us, it is medical professionals’ value and necessity. They are our modern-day warriors, saving the lives of thousands every day. And nurses primarily receive the top spot since they deal with patient care and serve as bridges between patients and doctors.

Therefore they are vital in the treatment process. And as the healthcare sector continues to evolve, nurses will play the leading part in administration and policymaking. The best thing is there are many different areas of practice for a nurse. From hospices to research facilities, nurses work in many professional settings to promote health and wellness.

If you want to change society, then nursing is an excellent profession. Getting a degree in nursing will allow you to support the community.

Public health:

You do not have to be a doctor or nurse to contribute to the healthcare sector. Public health professionals bring about changes for millions by contributing to policymaking. They support communities that are struggling with medical emergencies. Public health executives dedicate their lives to help communities by advocating for effective change.

As a public health professional, you can choose to work locally, nationally, or internationally. You may also choose to work as a researcher or policymaker. There are many pathways to a profession in public health. You can either get a degree in medical-related fields or social sciences. The good news is that jobs in this sector will grow by 15% in the next ten years. So, choose a degree in health studies or health management for a future in public health.

Criminal Justice:

If you have always dreamed of becoming the next Atticus Finch, then you should study criminal justice. This degree grapples with the most pressing issues of modern societies. Criminal justice warriors work tirelessly to provide workable solutions for age-old problems.

There are many career opportunities for those graduating with a degree in criminal justice. They can go into juvenile justice, law enforcement, or forensics. A career in criminal justice can help progress to other professions as well. You can choose to work in the judicial system or become a psychologist. Therefore, a degree in criminal justice can help you give back to the community.

Choosing the Right College and Degree:

Earning a college degree can be the gateway to a rewarding career. However, not all college degrees are the same. Some degrees are considered more prestigious than others, and some universities have better faculty members.

So, do your research before deciding on a school and degree. A viable approach is to look through the online university rankings for each department.

For those who prefer a flexible learning environment, online learning programs can be appropriate. Not only do these programs help you work at your own pace, but you can also study from anywhere in the world.


The world needs more people who want to help others. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment in this sector will rise to 10% by 2024. Fortunately, there are many ways to enter the community service sector, and there are just as many opportunities. You can become a criminal justice warrior or work in the medical field. However, involvement in social work will provide a lucrative career, satisfaction, and self-realization.

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