More students are contemplating learning online for the first time and get worried about the type of assignments they will get while studying. Most students got accustomed to the education system that applies face-to-face education along with typical college homework and, therefore, may not know what would come their way when they start. Here are some of the most common assignments that you might get in online courses.

Watch or read, then respond

The type of assignment is closely related to the traditional face-to-face as it entails instructors providing lectures in the form of videos and assign their students some questions. Students can therefore watch or read the provided material at their own time or place as long as they meet the lecturers’ deadline.

Research papers

A formal research paper has been a popular type of assignment in most classes that get offered online. The skill of writing on research is quite critical for many degrees, especially graduate degrees, because it will gauge your expertise in a lot of disciplines. It is up to the online learner to ensure that they have access to the university’s library to get the resources they require to continue learning.


The quizzes and tests that more students tend to dread are very common in online lessons. There is only a difference in the environment of testing and the rules applied, and that depends on the type of institution you are in. Some institutions may monitor their students using some online services, and others may verify the questions.

Discussion boards

The discussion boards initially intended to supplement the coursework done weekly, but lately, it has been a platform used to replace the discussion in class. Students get to respond to questions posed to them, and they can also discuss the questions with each other. Other meetings require all the students to put in the responses before they see what other members wrote.


The blogs tend to keep running dialogue of the thoughts and ideas of students on a given topic. Therefore, students can add new reviews or insights to their particular blog as they continue learning the course, and it also provides other students space to give their feedback or comment. The blogs are essential for classes that get offered online, and it requires students to mirror their life or experiences that they’ve had.


Most online instructors tend to task their students with journal assignments. It is a private way that online students tend to use to get in communication with their teacher or instructor. Often, journal topics are usually formal and prescribed, but I’m in such assignments that allow them to openly express their opinions, ideas, questions, and concerns on the course material.


They are crucial for group assignments. Students can edit or comment on a given post or document, enabling them to come up with a list of tasks, research questions and even start their discussions. The students, therefore, can learn from each other when they form their groups and use the platform to educate one another on the gaps or missing information to better their understanding of the material.

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