The skills learned in higher education can significantly increase your chances of entrepreneurial success. There are many moving parts when it comes to launching a successful company, and one of the best ways to ensure you start out strong is by working on yourself.

As a business leader, it is your job to inspire those working for you and empower them to be the best they can. It is also crucial to have good business sense and some of the key attributes that make a successful business owner. Here are some of the essential skills you can learn in higher education that will set you up for the best chance of business success.


Higher education is an excellent opportunity to learn how to network. Your business network can be a huge asset, and many of the contacts you make while in higher education can ensure that you have a base of people to call on for help when you need it.

When attending university, it can help to sign up for different societies and functions that aim to bring like-minded students together. For instance, many universities have business social networks to join with events like mixers and fundraisers to help you start on your networking journey.


Education naturally promotes curiosity about the world around you. It helps you to engage with the wider world and question your perspective. This can be invaluable in business as it allows you to differentiate yourself from other companies and helps you find innovative solutions to problems.

Receiving Feedback

Receiving and acting on feedback is a crucial skill for a business leader. It can be hard to receive negative feedback, but it is a vital part of learning and growing as a person and an entrepreneur. Higher education is full of opportunities to receive feedback, both good and bad, and as with most skills, with practice receiving feedback becomes easier and easier.

It can help to actively seek out feedback whenever you can. Whether it is good or bad, take the opportunity to assess what you are being told and identify ways that you can grow and improve.


Committing to higher education is a significant undertaking. It takes drive and hard work to succeed in gaining qualifications, and this commitment will help you get a taste of how much of a commitment running a business will be.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is vital to help you make the best possible business decisions. It is essential to take courses and modules on topics that will help you develop your critical thinking skills and challenge your assumptions. You could consider taking a range of topics that will help you improve your analytical and business thinking skills.

Topics such as finance, law and international relations can all help to improve your critical thinking skills. You could also consider taking online courses in international relations to help you get a feel for the current economic climate, allowing you to branch out into the global markets and hone your critical thinking skills.


Communication is a crucial skill in all areas of life, and business is no different. You will need to converse with a wide range of different people, from investors to suppliers to customers. Your time in higher education can be hugely beneficial in this regard, as you will come into contact with people from all walks of life.

It is important to put yourself out there when in higher education and make the most of the opportunities to hone your communication skills as they present themselves. An excellent starting point could be volunteering to present projects in class and join societies such as debate as well as attending social functions and events.

Overcoming Setbacks

When launching a business, it is important to be ready for setbacks. The road to business ownership is rarely smooth, and anyone unable or unwilling to adapt to setbacks will find it all the more difficult to get established. You might encounter many setbacks at university that will help you prepare for business ownership, whether it is overcoming conflict with your peers or tackling a challenging subject.

Financial Literacy

Understanding your business finances is crucial for any business owner. You will need to understand the ins and outs of business finance to ensure you run your company efficiently. While most businesses will hire an accountant to take care of the finer details of their finances, it is still essential to understand what is happening with your business’s books. It may help to take a course or module in business finance to help you improve your financial literacy.


You don’t necessarily need higher education to launch your own business, but you should not underestimate the lessons learned from university and other institutions. It is crucial to take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves to you when you embark on higher education to see the most benefit in your business life.

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