If you’re not sure what to do after college, then perhaps considering the military could be an option for you. While many people go straight from school, there are many benefits to joining up with a degree under your belt. Some people may be concerned about joining the military altogether, but it’s important to know that America is grateful for it’s military, and so there are many perks, and while there are risks, there are also rewards.

You Get The Best Of Both

Both the military and college are life experiences, and you shouldn’t have to choose between them, why not have both? Go and experience college how it should be experienced, enjoy yourself, and then know that you’re coming out to another awesome experience and a career too.

You Get Better Opportunities

If you enter the military with a degree, then you have the opportunity or the ability to start out as an officer as opposed to being enlisted, which means receiving better pay and gaining access to competitive loan repayment programs.

Officers in the military receive better treatment, more privileges, and are given more opportunity to exercise their leadership abilities. They often supervise teams of 15-40 people – or even more – right off the bat.

The Law Is On Your Side

While this applies to anyone in the military, not just those who have been to college first, many people don’t know about the Defense Base Act case, which means if you have an accident, you do not have to show that anyone is at fault. Specialists in Defense Base Act cases can help anyone who qualifies for Defense Base Act coverage to receive any and all necessary medical care and treatment, lost wages, incidental expenses, and may qualify for a settlement at the conclusion of the case. The injury can be of any type: injuries sustained during training exercises while deployed, injuries during training for overseas deployment, a motor vehicle accident while being transported, a slip and fall in a shower while deployed, a motor vehicle accident while simply delivering supplies, falling down a flight of steps on the way to render translation services, or, unfortunately, being injured in a military action. There are also death benefits should your loved one be killed.

You’ll Get Help With Your Student Loan

There are loan repayment programs that are also offered by all branches of the military, but the amount offered and program options differ, and there are also other options available to decrease the amount of debt you need to repay.

There Are More Career Choices

Though stereotypical military jobs might seem fairly standard such as a pilot, sailor, or soldier, in reality, the options are pretty mind-boggling. From musicians to illustrators to geneticists, military jobs are surprisingly diverse. You could get a career in computer science with one of the best organizations in the world; you could learn business management, marketing, or manufacturing. The options really are endless. Then you also have the opportunity to stay in the military for the rest of your career or when you leave, not only will you have a degree under your belt, but you’ll have some decent work experience too and be well on your way to do whatever it is you want to do.

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