The Do’s & Don’t’s Of Dating

If there is one thing that is true about the world today is that it’s hard to date. It’s not even just about the soulmate aspect of dating, it’s about meeting people you tolerate enough to date at all! Going online and finding love doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s something that can slot in between looking to be healthier and extending hours in the office. 

You need to do all that you can to make dating work for you, and what works for you won’t work for someone else. Some people like to use services like to meet new people, while others prefer the old school methods of going to pubs and clubs to find someone to date. No matter how you do it, there are rules to dating. Basic do’s and don’ts of being out there in the town that need to be adhered to so that dating is a comfortable experience for all. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts of dating in this modern world of ours.

The DO’S:

  • Always arrive on time. If you have arranged to meet up with someone new, turn up on time or a little earlier. Lateness is a big issue for some people as it shows that their time is not as valued as yours, and it’s something that you will have to work on. Don’t be that person that says lateness is a trait: it’s not a trait, it’s rude!
  • Be interested in the person who is speaking to you from the other side of the table. The whole point of dating is to get to know someone, so even if during the conversation you decide they are not your type and you’d like to go home, you need to remain engaged and be polite. Manners cost nothing, and it’s nice to be interested and ask interesting questions.
  • Listen closely to what’s being said to you and try not to zone out. It’s nice to talk about ourselves, but if you are bleating on about you all the time, you’re not going to get to know the perfectly nice person sat across from you. So, listen as much as you talk.


  • Try not to brag about your own excellence. I mean, I am sure you are a wonderful person, but do you really need to drone on? Absolutely not. They want to talk to you, not be given a sermon on the Greatness Of You.
  • Whatever you do, leave your phone in your bag or pocket. It’s so rude to keep checking your phone mid conversation. We mentioned that manners matter, and it’s absolutely correct! It’s off-putting to talk to someone who pays more attention to their phone than you, so don’t be that person.
  • It’s really important that you be authentic on your date. Don’t try to emulate perfection – all you will do is end up hating all the traits and interests that you pretended to like. No one likes a faker.


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