Going off to college is exciting but can also be quite nerve-wracking. There’s likely a lot you’re thinking about as you get settled in to what is going to be your new home for the next four years.

Ultimately, you have control over your overall college experience and if it’s enjoyable or not. It’s all about how you spend your time and the amount of effort you dedicate to your coursework. It’s important to have fun and also remember why you’re there in the first place, which is to build a brighter future for yourself.

Go to Class

You can have a more productive and enjoyable time at college when you choose to attend class. There’s a lot you can learn when you’re committed to getting out of bed and following your course schedule. It’s your chance to connect with your professors and take in new perspectives and information. The better grades you get, the more likely it is that you can graduate higher up in your class and find a promising career and land a high-paying job. Put homework and school first, and you’ll likely find that you have a better time at college and feel less pressure. If you discover you’re struggling with your schedule or coursework, then use the campus resources such as the tutoring or writing center so you can get back on track.

Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

College is stressful at times, and all the unknowns and uncertainty can be anxiety-provoking. There are going to be challenging assignments and exams to complete, and it can be intimidating to be in a situation that’s strange and unfamiliar to you. It’s a wise idea to find healthy ways to manage your stress and anxiety throughout your time at college. It would help if you took the time to check out Mellowed and read more about tips and suggestions for how you can be and stay well. Many excellent resources on this site will be helpful to you as you try to improve your mental health and focus on your wellness while attending college.

Get Involved

You’ll have a much better time at college when you make it a point to get involved in all the activities and opportunities around campus. For example, you can join clubs and organizations, play on a sports team, and attend social events and parties. It’ll be much more enjoyable when you put yourself out there and keep yourself busy versus sitting in your room and not exposing yourself to new experiences. You may even want to take on a leadership role at your school and use your skills to make a difference on campus. There are also likely volunteer opportunities that you can do to help out your community and fill your schedule.

Find Study Groups

Coursework can be complicated and tricky, and you may feel lost in class at times. Therefore, find study groups that you can join to help you work through challenging concepts. You’ll not only be able to make new friends this way, but your grades might improve as well. Study groups are an excellent way to share ideas and an opportunity to ask questions and find the answers you seek. Don’t be afraid to reach out and organize a study group if no one else is taking the initiative.

Stay Organized

Your college experience will be much more enjoyable when you commit to staying organized. Make to-do lists and keep a calendar of events and appointments so that you know where you need to be when. You’ll regret it if you choose to wing it and end up missing important events or exam dates. Also, maintain a clean and tidy living space so you can reduce your stress and effortlessly locate your belongings. There may be times when you have a full schedule and a lot going on, so get in the habit of prioritizing your tasks as well.

Meet New Friends

Your college experience will be more enjoyable when you’re making friends and keeping social. Find ways to mix and mingle with others, such as attending sporting events and being friendly and approachable in class. Use college as a chance to expand your social circle and expose yourself to different kinds of people so you can learn and grow. Hanging out with people you know is easy and won’t force you out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you have to make it a point to try new experiences and go places that you usually wouldn’t if you want to meet new people.

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