Meeting with an academic advisor can be stressful when it’s the first time, just like a first date or any other “first” meeting. It becomes easier though, the more you see this person, and they have your best academic interests in mind, so it’s a good idea to meet with a college advisor. To help you get the most out of the experience with the least worry, here’s what to expect for the initial appointment.

Get to Know One Another

An excellent way to build a relationship is by starting to introduce yourself. Put on a brave face and go into the advisor’s office; you’ll do great! The introductions are for both you and the advisor, by the way; it’s a way to build trust and hopefully develop a great school strategy for you.

For yourself, share about the career path that interests you to get support and answers to questions in future sessions. As for the advisor, their role is all the better for their sharing of their experience in the post-secondary field, including how long they’ve been in their current job position.

This is the First of Several Meetings

Many students incorrectly assume that the first meeting is the only meeting with the academic advisor. However, that’s not the case. It’s one of many meetings that will likely extend over the course of your time in college.

As earlier explained, it is a relationship that grows. That’s because your schooling can start in one direction but end up going another way; for example, you might switch majors after the first year in college.

Be Open to What Comes

While you might go into the advisor’s office with one expectation of how it will go, you may come out with something totally different than what you thought would happen. It is, therefore, best not to overthink the first meeting.

Listen to the advice of this person who specializes in helping students reach their careers by adjusting what classes to take and more. You mustn’t discount any words that seem like they aren’t relevant to you.

Instead, be open to possibilities, such as taking different courses than you at first thought were related to the field of employment you want to go into one day. The advisor might know of opportunities you hadn’t considered yet and could help you get that first job offer in your desired field.

Congratulations, You Made It!

The next meeting will be more comfortable as you have made the introductions and have started to discuss your academic journey. Relax with a good book or Pink Kush Strain and be proud of yourself for taking this all-important step in your college experience.

After the meeting, take a moment to rest well in the knowledge that you accomplished the goal of meeting someone who may have at first intimidated you. You did it!

Also, take time to think about questions to ask in the future about your weekly schedule, the campus, and more. You’re going to excel in college, especially with a trusted advisor at your side!

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