Natural Solutions To Student Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can become a problem for any student. As well as your studies, many students are also juggling a part-time job, pressure from social media, and the demands of fitting in a social life as well. Managing stress isn’t always easy, but not everybody feels comfortable medical treatment for their anxiety. If you are one of those people, there are some natural methods to help you cope better, which can be used alone, or alongside medication or therapy. 


A work out is one of the most effective solutions to deal with stress. As your exercise, endorphins are released, which are natural mood boosters. Try a few different kinds of exercise to find what you enjoy most, whether that’s swimming, walking, dancing, or yoga. Doing something good for you is also a good way to quiet a noisy mind, and take some time for yourself. 


This is a tool that can be very useful to reduce stress. If you struggle with meditation, even just taking a few minutes to sit quietly and focus in your breathing can be enough to clear your mind. To learn how to meditate, you can use apps for guided meditation to get you started. Once you’ve learned the breathing techniques, you can use them in times of stress.  


Medical marijuana, like shamrock weed,  is sometimes prescribed for anxiety. In areas where this is not legal, you could try CBD products, which provide the calming properties but don’t contain any THC, which is the part that induces the high feelings. 

Relaxation exercise.

When you’re stressed out, you will likely hold your muscles in a tense way. This is uncomfortable and can even be painful. To release this tension, use relaxation exercises. Work through different muscle groups slowly, tensing and releasing them in turn to ease the feeling of tightness. This eases your muscles and quiets anxious thoughts as you concentrate on the exercise. This exercise can also help if you can’t sleep at night. 


For many people, keeping a journal is a helpful way to process anxious feelings. It’s healthy to talk about the way you feel, but for some people, this may be very hard to do. If you can’t talk about your feelings, then try to write them down instead. Seeing your worries on paper can help you to put them in perspective and as though you are able to handle them. If you feel as though things are getting on top of you, spend some time sitting down quietly and writing your thoughts. You could refocus your brain to more positive things to spend some time writing down a quick list of things that have made you happy throughout the day. This list could include big things like your friends, or small things like catching the bus before it started to rain. Do this on a regular basis, and your brain will soon learn to notice these positive things instead of the difficult parts of your day. 

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