Looking After Your Physical Health At College

When you’re at college, there’s a lot of work and play to be had, and that can be impactful on your body. It’s important that you look after your body so that you’re not burning out and affecting your course of study or the fun that you can have while at college. Here are some things that you can do to look after your physical health at college.

Try To Stick To A Healthy Food Shop

Food is one of those things at college that is renowned for being majorly unhealthy. It’s because, as a student, you’re likely to be cooking for yourself and having to deal with getting food for yourself for the first time. It’s ok to have times where you might not stick to the plan but try and think about creating a weekly shopping list that will keep you going throughout the week. You can do this once or twice a week, depending on what perishables you buy and how long they last. A lot of canned and frozen food can be healthy but try to go for fresh food where possible. A healthy food shop should consist of lots of fruit and vegetables. If it helps, it might be worth a meal plan and prep meals in advance for the week. It can help you to become more organized, but also its making sure that your body is being looked after and getting the right food in it, to begin with. A lot of food is going to be needed in order to keep your body going through your college years.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep plays a big part as a college student because depending on your course of study, you’re not going to be doing lectures that are going to take up all of your week. You’ll get the opportunity to have fun, but for the most part, you’re going to want to get plenty of rest in order to be able to spend the time attending classes, doing your own study time and going out to have fun. Think about how many hours you might be getting at the moment and make time for more. Naps are good to be ideal too perhaps in between the classes and any downtime that you might have. Being able to get plenty of sleep, it’s going to allow your body to repair itself and feel a lot better as a result. It might also be worth getting an eye mask or ear plugs if you find yourself easily wakeable by even the slightest of movements or light.

Join The College Gym Or Exercise

Not all students will do this, but in order to maintain the physical health of your body, it’s worth making sure you are going to the gym or at least doing some form of exercise as often as you can. Twenty minutes of exercise a day is all that’s needed in order to get your blood pumping and to start burning those calories. A lot of eating and drinking will mean that might be at risk of putting on a considerable amount of weight. Joining a college gym and exercising is going to help with that and to help keep it off. There’s usually a gym on the campus itself, but if not, then there’s likely to be some gyms around the local area. If a gym environment is not for you, then there’s always exercising in the park or going for a run. Avoid making excuses where you can and work on your fitness as often as possible. The more you can get it into a routine, the better.

Make Sure Your Workspace Is Comfortable

Your workspace as a student could likely differ depending on where you’re located in terms of your accommodation. If you’re sharing a room for example, you might have to share a desk, and if it’s being used by your roommate, then you will have to resort to spending time on the bed, which isn’t the most comfortable situation for your body. Try finding a way of having a better workspace, even if that means getting an extra desk. You might also have access to a campus library or computer room, so opt for that if you’re limited in your own personal space. Always be looking for the chairs that have plenty of support and comfort for your back. Make sure you’re getting up and walking about where you can in order to help stretch out your back and to keep you mobile. If you have any issues with your back, then you can always look online to find a chiropractor near me.

Stay Away From Substances

Substance abuse is not something you want to be combining with college life especially when you’re meant to be studying for your degree. There will be temptation there and it can be easy to fall into the wrong crowd. However, it’s important that you focus on keeping away from what’s offered and if it’s been offered around by friends, it might be worth distancing yourself from those individuals. If you’re not someone who particularly likes to be propositioned with it, then perhaps it’s worth hanging on with the friends who are a bit more level-headed. It’s too much of a risk to get yourself into trouble at college.

Keep An Eye On Your Drinking

Drinking can be something you do at college, especially when you’re away from adult eyes and wanting to have fun with friends. Like substances though, you want to make sure that this isn’t affecting your concentration and time that needs to be spent studying and going to your classes. Try to keep an eye on your drinking in terms of how much you’re doing each week. You don’t want to be going overboard and allowing it to creep into that time that should be prioritized for other things. Having nights where you don’t drink are going to be helpful in order for you to stay fit and healthy. Peer pressure can be ever-present at college as well as it can be at school, so try to keep headstrong where you can and be careful of how much you drink on a night out.

Be Aware Of Your Sexual Health

Sexual health is something to be aware of because pretty much everyone is doing it at some point, and your sexual health is as important as the physical health. If you’re having sex, be aware of being properly protected, and if you have any concerns, make sure to are going to the doctors if you have any trouble. There can be a habit of college students making the rounds, and as most are on campus, a virus or a sexually transmitted disease can spread quite easily. Always ask your partner if they’ve been checked and always use protection. It can ruin the romantic moment you’re in, but you’ll feel better for asking.

Looking after your physical health is very important when it comes to college. There’s a lot that happens in college life that can be exhausting. You’re dealing with a new environment, making friends, having fun, and studying hard. If you’re not taking good care of yourself, then you might be causing yourself a lot of damage in the process. Try to follow these tips in order to look after your body and mind. Your wellbeing is important because you want to get through the college years and end up with a degree in your hands at the end of it.

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