Everything we do throughout our high school lives leads us to one major stepping stone, college. Whether in a positive or negative way, it can be quite an overwhelming experience. The newness you embark on can really open your eyes to not only learn new things but meet new people, see a new world and, most importantly, learn how to be on your own.

Depending on your school, you will be required to either live on campus for the first, second or even all four years of college. Essentially, you will be living in a dorm room with a roommate. Don’t worry if you’re an only child, a little anti-social or are just terrified at the thought of the experience. Dorm life is one of the highlights of college and the knowledge you gain from the experience is beyond significant, no matter how simple or crazy it ends up being.

So, what should you expect from college life?

For one thing, expect to live in a fishbowl. Living amongst other students just like you, either experienced or not, provides you with a completely different perspective on the world. You are forced, in a good way, to adjust to people’s nationalities, thoughts, styles and overall being. You’ll also get used to seeing anything at any time. For instance, while you’re cramming for a test, you may see someone walk past your dorm room in a superman costume, stumbling drunk down the hall, singing Backstreet Boys. It’s just college life, you know? You just have to roll with the punches.

Speaking of dorm rooms, yours is going to be your safe haven whether you’re studying, hanging with friends or getting over that hangover. This will be your space to do whatever you feel fit, so put the effort in to create a vibe that puts you in your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to really feel into yourself and pick colours and designs that not only speak to you but motivate you. Whether you’re feeling a little chic, a little bohemian or straight-up rock star, your dorm room will be your blank canvas to create whatever you want.

You can opt for interesting tapestries to hang up on the wall, beautiful lighting to create a serene mood, unique animal outline or worded neon lighting, stunning bedding, extra pillows or ironic posters to keep your spirits up through those stressful times. Luckily, you can discover all of these items in one place. With hundreds of items to make a dorm room go from bland to beautiful, you’ll find your style in no time at tapestrygirls.com.


Tapestries may seem like just hanging a blanket up on your wall, but the look and vibe it can bring to your dorm is huge. With Bohemian, Moroccan and Indian designs, as well as incredibly captivating lifestyle designs, you will no doubt be able to transform your room into something out of Pinterest. With nearly 300 different designs for every personality type, Tapestry Girls offers something that fits the mood, spirit and overall energy you want to bring into your school year.


If you aren’t into tapestries, don’t worry, lighting could be right up your alley. During the day, the effects may not be as dramatic, but at night the overall look can bring in some incredibly mellow moods. You have lots of different options to choose from with colours and designs. Even neon style signs are on the menu with your choice of funky animal shapes or straight up worded signs. You can hang them up on your wall or use the hanging lights as a divider in your room. Either way, you will create some beautiful feels for after those stressful days of learning and studying. Our favourites are the LED lights with photo clips attached, allowing you to place your loved ones literally under the light.


It doesn’t really seem like your bed would be an important part of your dorm room, but it can offer some great comfort visually and physically. Especially because you’ll be spending a lot of your college life studying, hanging out or being hungover. Cute colors, designs and even floofy-ness are all options at TapestryGirls.com. As a matter of fact, The Softy Bed Sets is one of Tapestry Girls best sellers!


Pillows are inevitably a great addition to your dorm room, especially for your friends who you’ll be chilling out with. Elegant pillows are just as enjoyable as fluffy ones and we have all the colours, materials and designs you could need for your new dorm room.


Tapestries and lighting is one thing, but posters are a whole other ball game. Whether you require something to subtly display on the wall for looks, or something that captures people’s attention, there are plenty of options on our site. We carry everything from pop culture, to not so inspirational humorous quotes, to Kris Jenner giving us a peace sign. Don’t be afraid to get creative; that’s what blank walls are for.

Remember, a boring dorm room doesn’t have to be something you need to get used to. It’s a blank canvas that you get to create a beautiful setting for your school year. Whether you’re looking into tapestries, lighting, bedding, pillows or posters, Tapestry Girls has it all to make your college experience last a lifetime!

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