Pressure about the future is inevitable. Over the course of your time in college, the pressure you (and often, others) put on yourself can build up to a dangerous level. This is especially common in your last couple of years at college. There are many reasons you could feel under pressure at this time in your life; you are being told that you need to start looking at job applications; making decisions on what career path you want to take after you graduate; making sure you’re networking in order to make the first two tasks easier; all whilst you have papers to write and exams to prepare for.

Being under pressure causes a lot of stress and feelings of anxiety that, in the end, don’t help anything or anyone. It can lead you into some dark ways so whether you’re putting pressure on yourself, you’re feeling the pressure being put on you by others, or even both; this post lists some healthy ways to help cope with the pressure.

Stay Active

It’s well-known that exercise is incredibly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Thanks to the endorphins that flood your body after a good workout; exercise makes for a great stress reliever. Even if you’re not sporty, find a style of staying active that you enjoy (that’s really important) and try to do it regularly. It can make all the difference.

Change Your Mindset

This one is definitely easier said than done and will be an ongoing work-in-progress for most, but for some, it’s like flicking a switch and turning a light on. If you’re worried about what you’re going to do after college and thus, are putting pressure on yourself to find a job that is stable, makes you happy and pays well, then change the way you think about it.

Of course, financial stability is important in this day and age, but your happiness and wellbeing should be prioritised in front of that. Don’t let society or anyone else force you into a 9-5 job, straight out of college, that you hate just because it pays well. Life is full of surprises and you may well find yourself in a job that has nothing to do with your degree, but that you love. Give yourself a break; you’re working hard enough already – the added pressure is unnecessary. Take a breath and you may find that it suddenly dawns on you: exactly what career path you want to take. One that will make you happy.

Keep Up with Your Passions

Have something you’re particularly passionate about? Whether it’s watching movies, writing stories, playing an instrument, or knitting. If you have a hobby that you’re passionate about, make sure you keep up with it. It can often be the case that as college work comes first, your passions are pushed aside. Find the balance. Your passions make you happy so don’t disregard them!

Note: These are just a few ways that you could try in order to take the pressure off yourself in the lead up to graduating from college. If you have found yourself in a dark place and are really struggling because of stress, anxiety, or feeling under pressure then you are not alone. From counselling to dedicated addiction therapy programs, there are always people out there to help you.

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