Going to college is a huge milestone in your life that you’ll never forget. Many people will look back on college as some of the best years of their life, whereas others will try to block out the emotions they felt during this time. The college blues can happen to anyone; you don’t necessarily have to be a shy introvert in order to feel a sense of worry. You could be captain of the football team and still feel incredible amounts of anxiety when it comes to all aspects of your college life. If you think you need a little extra support in this area, then check out some of the following tips.

Do You Need Specialist Advice?

First of all, you need to assess whether your college blues are coming from a deep rooted problem. You may have suffered with mental health problems in the past and this huge transition has triggered something within you. You could look into college counselors or even dual diagnosis treatment centers. A professional will be able to give you an official diagnosis so that you can start receiving the support you need during your college years.

Confide in a Close Friend

If you’re feeling lonely and isolated, you should always talk to somebody you trust. You might have a close friend who lives nearby or you may have struck up a strong friendship with one of your new roommates. People are much more understanding these days than you think they are. If you sit down and have an honest conversation with them about how you’re feeling, they will be able to give you advice, support or simply be a listening ear whilst you vent out your problems.

Do You Need a Mentor?

College mentors are super popular and for a very good reason. This involves an older student buddying up with you so that you feel supported in every aspect of your college life. They may be completely different to you, but they do have one things in common with you. They will have been in your position before, so they know how to get out of it. Take their advice as much as possible and get in touch with them when you’re feeling blue.

Could You Move Locations?

Choosing a collage location is tough, especially when you’re having second thoughts. You may be able to transfer locations if you’re really finding it difficult to transition. Speak to your teachers and your parents; there may be a simple way to solve with problem for you. All in all, you need to remain happy so moving to a new location might help you to achieve this.

Speak to Your Family

Feeling lost and lonely during college is completely normal, so make sure you aren’t too hard on yourself. Many people can feel the same way as you, but they don’t actually do anything about it. As soon as you assess where your worries are coming from, people will be able to help you through it. Don’t suffer silently; you deserve to enjoy college as much as everybody else around you.

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