An Impressive Introduction – the Best Way to Start Your Successful Essay

Everyone can write. But, not everyone can write something that is worth your time or money. Persuading readers to take their time off their schedules to read your article is the hardest part of writing, and it starts with the introduction paragraph. Every great writer knows that writing an introduction is a daunting task because this is what readers interact with first. Regardless of the topic you choose, the first part of your essay should convince your readers to read the rest of the essay. So, here are some tips to help you attract your readership’s attention.

Avoid long first sentences

When you work with custom essay writing service companies, you will realize that the majority are in the habit of using short first sentences. Well, great writers understand the mind of their readership. Your audience is never ready for long sentences. Long sentences make them work hard to interact with what you are trying to communicate. When you make things hard to understand from the beginning, chances are that people will not want to know what is coming next. Your body may present some great ideas but your audience will have lost patience with your essay. So, keep your first sentences short, simple, succinct, and to the point. This is how you capture your readers’ attention and maintain it to the other parts of your essay.

Include relevant information only

There are different ways to start an essay introduction paragraph. Some people will choose quotes, some will include statistical data, and others will choose anecdotes. Regardless of the way you choose to start your essay, you need to make sure that you only include relevant information. Everything that you choose to include in your introduction needs to be helpful and useful. Readers expect intriguing information and will hold your essay accountable for every choice you make. While writing an article about Obama, you may choose to start with one of his quotes. If your article is about the topic of abortion, you may offer a statistic on the same. This is the perfect way to write an introduction paragraph.

Establish your goal

Every piece of writing needs to have a goal or a purpose. There needs to be something that you are trying to communicate to your audience. While studying the tips on how to write an introduction, this has to be among the first ones. Your readers do not want a flat piece of writing. They want to interact with your piece and know why you chose to write a paper on the topic you chose. So, you need to include a sentence or two that carry or showcase your argument. This is what you refer to as the thesis statement. In case you are struggling with this bit, you can always seek rewriting help from reputable writing companies.

Attract your reader’s attention from the beginning

When you read an article, often, what the writer says in the introduction is what keeps you reading. What writers do is try as much as possible to hook their audience from the beginning. There are different ways to do this, and you can choose one that best suits you. You can begin with a fact that is not common knowledge or offer a statistic. Others choose to pose a question to their audience. You also have the option of including a summary or an anecdote that will capture your audience’s attention. There are many good ways to start an essay, and each of these will help you attract your reader’s attention from the beginning.

Make use of facts

Facts help to hook readers to your essay and also teach them something new. Most of us want to read an article and get something we did not know. We want to learn and have writers challenge our truths. So, always include facts in your introduction. As you are studying tips on how to start an introduction, you will interact with many points. However, you also need to shift your attention to your readership. Ask yourself what their qualities are and what they are expecting from you. Such questions will help you know what to include and what to leave out. But, regardless of their qualities, remember that your article should have substance.

Proofread and edit your introduction

When you find and read essay examples online, you will notice that they have zero mistakes. Well, no one is that good. However, to write an essay with zero mistakes, you need to take your time to proofread and edit. Everyone makes mistakes including the great writers. But, those who care enough, will take their time to re-read their essays or parts of their essay to avoid any mistakes. So, make it a habit of always proofreading and editing your introduction.

In conclusion, it takes time to become a good writer. No one starts well. We all work towards being good by improving on the areas we fall short. Today, your introduction sentence may cause your reader to lose interest. But, this does not mean you should quit. This only means you need to try harder. Make use of the tips above and soon you will be able to fascinate your readers with great pieces of writing.

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