Most people greet the new year with high hopes, enthusiasm, and willingness to strive for a successful future. But little did we know what was waiting for us in the coming months. The year 2020 surprised everyone. It not only affected millions of lives but also severely affected the world economy.

Therefore many people found it challenging to cope up in these tumultuous times.

With the closure of educational institutes and businesses, people have to survive in a digital world – work from home, online classes, and online shopping has become the new normal in 2020.

Hence, this world needs education that empowers this rapidly evolving economy. Perhaps, social work could be the ultimate option. In these uncertain times, social workers are tirelessly helping vulnerable populations and children to provide the care they need. After all, stress and anxiety, exacerbate abuse and neglect, but social workers support families in this challenging time.

Do you like helping people? It might not look like the best time to embark on a new career path. However, if you are eager to help people, this is the perfect time to become a social worker. Technology makes education accessible, allowing you to earn a degree from the comfort of your home. If you are skeptical about it, have a look below.

Following are the seven reasons to pursue a degree in social work:

  • Work On Mental Wellness

In the past few months, most businesses- small or large have incurred substantial losses causing them to cease their operations. These prevailing conditions and financial instability are sprouting stress and anxiety amongst people. Likewise, people living by themselves are drowning in depression because of loneliness.

If you believe that you can contribte to the community’s betterment, begin by enrolling in an online masters social work program to make a difference. That way, you can help people combat depression and cope up with the challenges in today’s environment.

Moreover, social workers acknowledge all mental health concerns and initiate ways to keep people busy. You can leverage digital forums to educate people about online courses, assisting them in spending time on something worthwhile.

  • Fight Injustice

The weak infrastructure of public healthcare institutes fails to facilitate the current health situation. In comparison, people who can afford to pay for the tests and treatment opt for private institutions.

Don’t you think everyone deserves equal treatment? Social workers raise voice against injustice, encouraging government and private organizations to make healthcare available for all. Alongside this, they speak against every injustice – whether it is child labor, domestic violence, or human trafficking.

  • Spread Awareness About Safety Precautions

Social workers have taken the responsibility of curbing the situation. They educate people about safety precautions – exercising, practicing good hygiene. If people are well-versed with the basics, dip into details, and explain the importance of alcohol-based sanitizers for killing germs.

If you have sufficient funding or donations, then distribute sanitizers free of cost in underdeveloped areas. These efforts of curtailing the adversity of the virus can give you a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

  • Counsel People

Many people have lost track of life in the hustle-bustle of adjusting to the new routine.  As a social worker, you can dish out some tips and tricks to show people the path to success.

First of all, make yourself approachable by building a profile on social media. Furthermore, Join groups and communities to spread your message across. You can start a YouTube channel or use Instagram to talk about opportunities brought by the current health situation. Likewise, you can discuss personal development and goal setting to help people do something productive.

  • Multiple Career Opportunities

Are you wondering about the scope of social work degree? Unsurprisingly, you would always stay in demand as the world needs social workers, irrespective of the ongoing health situation. You can explore different fields in this career. You can work as a counselor, therapist, state representative, teacher, advocate, human rights specialist, or a community worker. Similarly, you have countless opportunities to excel in your career by picking a specialization or going for training programs.

  • Provides An Incredible Learning Experience

The work of social workers is very gratifying. You enjoy an on-field work experience, volunteering for children, and nursing homes. Every day is an experience where you meet families, children, and communities in different places.

Each situation challenges your brain since different problems demand unique problem-solving skills. Hence, as a social worker, you will navigate a variety of complex cases, helping you learn something new.

  • You Can Make A Difference

People usually have an inner drive to help others and make a difference in societies, which defines social work. It enables you to contribute by changing lives around you, especially during the current health situation. Many families are on the verge of giving up due to the lack of funds.

People having shops or homes on rental-basis can no longer bear the burden of these expenses. Social workers utilize donations to help these people. Likewise, if someone indulges in drugs or alcohol, you can help them revive and pull them out from this situation by offering rehabilitation therapy.


The world would no longer be the same once we say goodbye to the current health situation. The economy would take time to revive as there have been drastic changes. Surprisingly, the profession of social work focuses on a vision beyond this crisis. It is about developing sustainable, fair, and robust societies. Hence, a career in social work is nothing less than a game-changer, letting you thrive while serving your community.

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